Know 4 side effects of eating too much junk food. Know how junk food is ruining your health.

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Often some celebrity is seen eating chips or some other junk food in their Instagram posts. He claims in his post that despite eating junk food, his weight remained under control. We are surprised to see and hear this. We wonder which recipe celebrities follow for weight control. This recipe is so effective that it even allows them to eat junk food. But is it possible? Can weight control be maintained despite eating junk food? Let us know from the expert the hidden truth behind this (junk food and weight loss).

Junk food affects weight, not weight loss

Fitness expert Dr. Siddhant Bhargava explains in his Instagram post, ‘If you eat ice cream, pizza, chocolate, gathiya, chivra-jalebi, then you have to know some important things. After consuming all the junk food, the calorie intake becomes very high. If this calorie is not burnt, it gets stored in the body in the form of fat. That’s why junk food can help in weight gain and not in weight loss.

Works like addiction (addiction of junk food)

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, excessive consumption of junk foods changes the chemical composition of the brain. Due to this change, the body tends to consume a lot of junk food. It almost acts like an addiction. Later it can also lead to depression. This further causes hormonal imbalance in the body, which leads to more craving for junk foods.

Know here how it harms your health (junk food and weight loss)

1 can be weak metabolic rate (low metabolic rate)

Secondly, junk food can never satisfy you despite being high in calories. After eating this, your hunger remains and you go on munching continuously. Junk food has negligible protein. There is sure to be muscle loss if eaten regularly. Muscle loss leads to a low metabolic rate. It is responsible for weight gain.

2 causes fluctuations in blood sugar (junk food affects blood sugar level)

By continuously eating junk food, we start eating more. Due to which the blood sugar level gets out of control. Due to fluctuations in it, a person starts eating more than required. There are also problems in the digestion of such foods, which increase the harmful effects of junk food consumption.

kaise karein blood dugar level ko kaam
Junk food directly affects the blood sugar level. Images – Adobe Stock

3 The risk of heart disease increases.

One of the major harmful effects of junk food is obesity. Having obesity (junk food and weight loss) also increases the chances of having health complications related to it. The excessive sugar, calories and fat present in junk foods contribute to weight gain. Due to obesity, the chances of getting diabetes, joint pain and heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease increases manifold.

4 Learning and memory problem

Junk foods that contain high sugar and fat are also harmful for the brain. They suppress brain functions that help with learning and memory. This can be especially seen in growing children, because at this time their learning process is at the highest level. Junk food consumption also causes poor cognitive test results.

Excess of food additives, refined sugar and fatty acids affects the learning process of children. Image: shutterstock

This can cause sudden swelling in the hippocampus region of the brain. It is responsible for memory and recognition.


Next time you see a celebrity eating junk food, don’t think that it will make you lose weight. Rather think how hard they must have worked to burn these calories. That hard work is not shown in the half minute reel.

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