know 4 amazing inner thigh exercises

Extra fat on Thighs and Hamstring sometimes causes many problems for us. Fats start increasing gradually in the body by sitting on the chair throughout the day. Due to this, cramps in the muscles of the body are bound to happen. Not only this, the gap between the Thais starts getting filled (how to lose inner thigh fat fast, This spoils the whole figure. If you also want to stay healthy and fit, then definitely include squats and other exercises mentioned in your routine. Let’s know, the way to do them.

These 5 exercises will help you cut the fat stored on the inner thighs

By squatting, you have to offer during delivery
The squat is the only exercise that works your entire body. But it is very important to do it with the right steps. Image: shutterstock

1. Sumo Squats

By doing this lower body exercise, the muscles start to tighten. This leads to flexibility in the muscles of the inner thighs and hips. Along with this, the back pain starts going away. Sumo squats also provide relief from the pain that increases due to ankle stretching.

how to do sumo squats

To do this, stand up straight. Now open both your legs. Keep both the feet outward and the heels inward.

After this, with normal weights in both the hands, bend the knees and go down and then rise upwards. When

Go down, at that time both your hands should be near the shoulders.

When you sit down, take a deep breath and when you get up, exhale. To do this yoga, the upper part should be absolutely straight.

Apart from this, keep the hands straight and there should be tightness in the arms as well.

2. Bridge Raise Exercise

The bridge raise exercise works to strengthen your butt muscles and thighs. The most important thing is to lose weight to maintain a gap in the thighs. Apart from this, it is necessary to have strong abdominal muscles and lower back.

Do bridge raise exercise like this

To do this, lie straight on the mat. Now keep the hands on the ground.

Bend the knees and keep a little distance between the two feet. If you cross your legs, you will not be able to maintain balance.

Slowly lift the back upwards and lift the heels a little higher as well.

After this, now lie back on the ground as before. Make sure that your back is completely touching the mat.

Again bend the knees. Then move one leg upwards and then lower it. After this, move the other leg upwards in the same way and bring it down.

This relaxes the muscles of the thighs and strengthens them.

3. Butterfly stretch

By doing butterfly stretch exercise, the gap between the two legs automatically starts forming and astra fat gets reduced. Due to this, the muscles of the hip start getting tight automatically. Stretch is felt in both the legs, due to which the flexibility in the body increases.

how to do it

To do this, sit on the ground and then move both the legs forward. Stretch them completely first, so that there is no problem in bending the knees.
Now join the toes of both the feet together. Join the ankles to the ankles. In this, keep the shoulders backwards.
Hold the feet with both the hands. Sit down completely on the hips. Now lower the thighs up.
Do this 5 to 10 times for 15 to 20 seconds. This will reduce the stiffness of the legs and the weight will also be deducted.

4. Caesar Kicks

By doing this two to three times a week, the muscles in the body remain relaxed. Along with this, a gap starts forming between the thighs and the fat formed on the legs starts decreasing.

These exercises will give relief from pain in the chest.
This exercise can give you relief from back pain. Image: shutterstock

how to do it

To do this, lie straight on the mat. After that press both the palms completely under the hips.

Now slowly move the legs up and down like scissors. During this, keep the legs straight.

While lowering the legs up and down, touch the mat with the heels instead of putting the toes on the ground.

While doing this exercise, raise the upper body i.e. neck and chest.

Take out two to three days from a week for this exercise. Do repeat it 15 to 20 times.

While doing this, the height of the feet can be from 6 to 12 inches from the mat.

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