Kaise Paye’s glass hair look. How to make glass hair.

When the hair is beautiful and shiny Such effects will be visible on your overall personality. A new trend in the world of beauty is attracting many women.

At first, the K-beauty mirror skin trend gained popularity. Then glass lips and mirror eyeshadow became popular among people. Now that the trend of glass hairstyles is becoming very popular among women, Shoyal Media has greatly increased its reach among everyone. Therefore, people are becoming aware of many trends. Glass hair trend has also become popular among people through social media. So let us know what this trend is and how you can try it on your hair.

First of all, let’s know what the glass hair trend is.

Glass hair means hair that looks soft and smooth. Smooth and shiny like glass Works best on people with dark hair. Black and brown colors become more shiny when exposed to light. This hairstyle usually has straight hair which looks very shiny and shiny. which has no confusion at all

Making your hair shiny often requires using hair care products such as serums, oils, or glosses to add shine and smoothness. Additionally, when straightening your hair, You must use a heat styling tool such as a flat iron.

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This reduces the need to use heat styling tools. Image – Adobe Stock

Follow these steps to get glass hair.

Step 1: Spread the ends of the hair evenly.

First of all, in order to get glass hair You need to keep your hair smooth and even. Think about cutting your hair to the same length. As seen on rad social media, a common haircut for mirror hair is shoulder-length and evenly smooth at the ends.

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With the right hair styling tools and products You can get this look no matter how long your hair is. Just remember that Long hair is difficult to keep perfectly straight.

step 2: Wash your hair with sulfate and paraben free products.

It’s important to remember that your shampoo and conditioner should contain anti-frizz ingredients such as silicones or thick, creamy moisturisers. These products help keep your cuticles shiny. to get good results You need to find the right product for your hair.

step 3 Use hair varnish

Rarely do we use hair gloss which can work its magic on almost any type of hair. Many celebrities use this gloss to keep their hair shiny. In the shower, apply conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends. Wait a few minutes and wash your hair again to make it soft and shiny. This will keep your hair shiny even if you can style it later.

step 4 Apply heat protection compound.

It’s important to use a heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage. This will protect your hair from all types of heat styling. To make the hair look like glass You may need to heat style your hair. So first you may need to use a heat protection spray.

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First of all, in order to get glass hair  You need to recondition your hair.
First of all, in order to get glass hair You need to recondition your hair.

step 5 Use a flat iron

The straighter your hair, the better. The brighter the light will shine. And different reflections can come into your hair. Glass hair must be straightened to achieve its full glass shine. If you don’t want to straighten your hair, you can blow dry it. If you don’t want to use heat at all, you can skip this step.

step 6 Complete your daily routine with a gloss spray.

At this point Your hair may already be shiny. But what if you don’t have to leave the house or want your hair to be extra strong? Use hair spray. Gloss spray makes your hair shiny and more healthy and shiny. If you have fine hair Use a thin layer of hair spray.

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