Is birth control pills the reason for weight gain?

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Sometimes suddenly we start feeling fatter than before. Clothes start getting tight, sometimes even while getting up and sitting, we start feeling fat in ourselves. Although there is no other significant change in our routine or meals, yet it has been observed that we start gaining weight. Sometimes fluid retention can also prove to be the reason. which is often caused by birth control pills (Birth control pills and weight gain), Know what the experts say about this.

How Birth Control Pills Make You Gain Weight

Let’s talk about this with Dr. Ritu Sethi, Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician at Cloud Nine Hospital, Gurugram. They say that it is not necessary that you gain weight due to birth control pills. According to him, nowadays Fourth Generation Pills are available in the market, which gives relief from the worry of obesity.

birth control pills and cancer
Is there a link between birth control pills and cancer? Image: shutterstock

Often those people who consume these pills for the first time, they start complaining of obesity. According to Dr. Ritu, higher levels of hormones were found in first generation and second generation medicines, due to which weight gain started. Actually, this used to increase the level of estrogen in the body, which proved to be the reason for water retention.

There are two types of pills available in the market

1 Progestin Pills

Progestin pills ie combination pills, in which the hormones named progestin and estrogen are mixed in a synthetic way. With its help, the progestin works to thicken the mucus in the cervix. This prevents the sperm from easily entering the uterus. It works to thin the lining of the users. Which proves helpful in preventing ovulation.

2 combination pills

Combination pills ie mini pills contain both progestin and estrogen hormones. These pills prevent pregnancy by maintaining the hormone level.

The effect of birth control pills is also seen on your period cycle. Image: shutterstock

what kind of pills increase obesity

First and second generation pills work to increase weight. Apart from this, birth control injections also prove to be the reason for increasing obesity in the body. However, not everyone has to go through the problem of gaining weight after consuming the pills.

Now such problem is not affecting people. Apart from these pills, there are many other reasons, which can prove to be the cause of obesity.

Due to wrong eating habits, the weight starts increasing slowly. If you eat fried food everyday, then it can be an alarming situation for you.

Due to some disease, weight starts increasing suddenly. Problems like thyroid prove to be the reason for sudden weight gain. Because of this, most of the people become obese.

Not exercising proves harmful for our body. With age, the body becomes surrounded by many diseases. In such a situation, it is necessary to exercise to keep oneself healthy and avoid disorders.

Other disadvantages of birth control pills

Disturbed period cycle

The effect of birth control pills is also seen on your period cycle. Actually, due to change in hormones, our period cycle starts getting disturbed. Apart from this, difference is also found in blood flow. This blood flow is different from normal bleeding.

chance of cancer

According to a research of Cancer Research Journal, these pills also become a reason for the development of cancer in women. Chances of breast cancer increase. Actually, the effect of birth control pills is also visible on the breast. Due to this, a change in the size of the breast starts to appear. In such a situation, there is a danger of lump formation on the breast many times.

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