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“Doctor sir, my shoulders are leaning forward, sometimes due to this I have problems like neck, back, headache. At the time of pain, it is difficult to understand how to avoid this problem.” Such patients go more to the orthopedic specialist. People who have this type of problem are spoiling their posture. While sloping shoulders can be corrected. Yoga asanas are completely effective to correct this. Due to bending of the shoulders in the forward direction, the shoulders get jammed. This problem mostly occurs in people above the age of 40 years. In which women have more problems, who suffer from diabetes, hyper, tuberculosis, heart disease, hypothyroidism. Here we are going to tell about 2 such yogasanas (yoga for rounded shoulders), which improve posture by correcting sloping shoulders.

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What do experts say about rounded shoulders?

Dr. Mayank Mathur, MD and Orthopedist, Orthopedic Center, Kanpur, with an experience of over 15 years, says, “Shoulders leaning forward makes a difference in body posture. Hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons for this. Tendons in the human body deteriorate in three stages. Each phase is of one to two months. If this is taken care of in time, then there will be no tilt in the shoulders. Whatever may have come, it can be corrected. Doctors say that to understand the problem better, the help of MRI or X-ray will have to be taken. Only then the main reason can be identified. After this, by doing yoga, exercise, one can get rid of sloping shoulders.

jhuke kandhe
Yoga can be helpful for slumped shoulders. Image- Shutter Stock

What says Yogacharya (causes of rounded shoulders)

Yogacharya of CSJMU, Kanchan Gupta, who has ten years of experience, says that women who have problems with sugar, heart disease, tuberculosis, hypothyroidism, etc., can also have the problem of shoulder bending forward. This is not a serious problem, it should be taken care of in the initial days, it can be corrected with Yoga.

These 2 yoga asanas can cure sloping shoulders (Yoga for rounded shoulders)

1 Gomukhasana (Gomukhasana)

This yoga stretches the back, shoulder, chest muscles of our body. This yoga gives relief from whatever muscles have contracted in our body. This yoga can prove helpful in lifting the hanging shoulder.

How to practice Gomukhasana

step 1- Sit with both your legs spread out in front of you.

Step 2- Now you have to bring your left leg under the right thigh by bending the left knee next to the right hip. now right foot on your left hip
Stand next to and place the right foot on top of the left thigh.

Step 3- Now you have to raise your left hand, and bend the elbow. Take the left hand forward in the direction of the right hand behind your back. If this is not possible, then you can take the help of hand or strap.

Step 4- Now stay like this for some time, then change the direction.

2. Setu bandha sarvangasana aka Bridge pose

This asana is useful for correcting bad posture. By doing this, both the chest and shoulders can get relief.

yoga for body stiffness
To remove stiffness of the body, practice yogasanas. Picture ; adobestock

How to practice Bridge pose

step 1- You have to lie on your back. now bend your knees

Step 2- lie down, press the lower back to the floor

Step 3- Raise your shoulders and legs to align

Step 4- Now stay in this pose for 25 minutes.

Step 5- Now lower the shoulders and feet and come back to normal position.

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