how to use facial on the face, what is the best way

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Everyone likes to wash the face, but apart from washing the face, the face also needs to be deep cleaned. Nourishment is also necessary to keep the face shiny. Facials perfectly meet the need for nourishment with a deep clean. Perhaps this is the reason why every dermatologist recommends facials. Often people use facials two to three times in a month, while using it properly once in 15 days benefits the skin and makes the face look beautiful. People get the benefit of nourishment with deep clean in facials, the use of both together is no less than a panacea for facial cleansing.

What dermatologists say about facials

Dermatologist Dr. SS Sachan, who has been treating skin diseases for the past ten years at Mariampur Hospital in Kanpur, says that there is no fixed time for facials. Whose skin is dry, it would be appropriate to do facials twice in a month. By doing facials in 15 days, water deficiency will be removed from the face, as well as facials will be helpful in giving a plump look. Dr. Sachan says that people whose skin pores get clogged quickly.

Speaking in other language, blackheads or whiteheads fall, those people can also get cleaned once in 15 days. This will make the face completely clean, no stain will remain.

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how to facial
Do not use facials on the face more than twice a month. Image: shutterstock

it will be a loss

If it is used more than twice a month, then the risk of getting pimples on the face increases. Do not use facials on the face more than twice a month. It is worth noting that those whose skin is sensitive should get facials done only after consulting their doctor. If this is not done, many problems can arise after facial touch in the skin.

Facial can give extra glow to the skin

Doctors recommend facials to keep the skin clean and glowing. According to Dr SS Sachan, facials should be done once in 15 days because it helps in keeping the skin clean. Along with this, it also removes dead skin along with black and white heads on the face. Getting it done twice a month removes the dirt accumulated in the face. Due to which the face starts looking glowing and healthy.

This is how facial works

Dr. Sachan says that facials are done with skincare treatment products. In this, the face is cleaned in several steps. In which glow is brought to the skin after using different products on the face for more than one to one and a half hours. In facials, along with dead skin, the dirt accumulated in the face is removed. After cleansing, the skin is hydrated with a soothing mask and cream. The glow in the face increases as soon as it is used.

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  facial krne se phele kuch baton ko janna bhut jaruri hai
In this, the face is cleaned in several steps. Image shutterstock.

Follow these steps for better facials

1 step Wash your face thoroughly before using the facial. Still, if any makeup remains on the face, clean it with a cleansing wipe.
2 step Scrub on the face in the second step. To use it, take a pea-sized amount of scrub on your finger. Then apply it well on the entire face and neck in circular motion.
3 step Now wet both your hands and rub your cheeks with light hands. Apply some face cream also on the face. Give a light massage to the face like this for at least 10 minutes. After that wash the face with clean water or clean it with a wet wipe.
4 step Now your face is clear. Next to this heat the water to take steam to open the holes on the face. When the water is very hot, cover your face with a towel and take steam for five to ten minutes.
5 step After steam, there is a need to moisturise the face. For this, face mask has to be applied on the face. You can apply it while resting. Due to which the skin will also get some rest.
6 step Toning and moisturizing is needed in the last step. Using this, dirt will not accumulate on the face. For this, take a little toner in a cotton pad and apply it on the face. Keep in mind that the holes which have been opened, use more.

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