How to take care of skin and hair during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is a roller coaster time of emotions. In these nine months, sometimes you start feeling very happy, and sometimes you may be worried about the coming baby and your health. Some women go through morning sickness, while in some the symptoms of anxiety may also increase. All this is actually due to hormonal changes and changed nutritional needs. Both these things can affect your skin and hair as well. That’s why it is important that you pay enough attention to your skin and hair care during pregnancy.

effect of hormonal changes

There are mixed feelings in pregnancy. pregnancy Sometimes happiness brings mixed feelings. So sometimes there are feelings of fear and doubt along with joy and anticipation. This is natural, because pregnancy means many changes in the body and way of life. During this, the body of women goes through many changes. The youthful figure changes and there is a fear whether it will ever be the same again.

pregnancy is similar to many physical changes
There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. Image: Adobe Stock

However, pregnancy is a natural physiological process. If you make some preparations in advance, it will be much easier to accept the changes in a positive way. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to regular care of your skin, hair and body even during pregnancy.

skin care in pregnancy

problems may increase

During pregnancy, the skin of many women improves and glows. This is due to hormonal changes. Whereas for some women some skin problems increase during this period.

get proper nutrition

If there are nutritional deficiencies, pallor may appear on the skin. A nutritious diet, adequate sleep and rest are essential for both beauty and health, especially during pregnancy.

do skin care everyday

Skin care should be done on a daily basis, taking into account individual needs. Chloasma or pregnancy marks is a common problem in pregnancy. In which black spots are formed on the skin. Usually they are more visible on the cheeks or forehead or nose.

Do not avoid sunscreen lotion

To avoid these, use a sunscreen lotion to provide protection from the UV rays that clear up these patches. Try to avoid sunlight as far as possible, especially from noon to 3 pm. Massage the face and apply some cream. If acne or other boils are not pimples, then the use of facial scrub can also reduce the scars.

Can you apply sunscreen lotion in pregnancy too?

You can also apply sunscreen lotion at this time. Image: Adobe Stock

Fay for pregnancy markspack

Mix a pinch of turmeric in curd and apply on the patch daily. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water. Or mix honey and lemon juice and apply it on the patch daily. Use a facial scrub or cleansing grain. Rubbing it gently on the dark area will help.

hair care during pregnancy

get proper nutrition

Hair generally benefits from hormonal activity during pregnancy. Good nutrition and doctor-prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements improve hair growth. If one has mental stress, then there may be problems like hair fall. Hair loss can occur after childbirth.

don’t stress

Hair falls more after pregnancy. Hair can start to look dry and lifeless. There is no need to worry about it. When hormones stabilize, the situation changes. Problems can be minimized with regular hair care during pregnancy.

home remedies for hair fall

Wash hair twice or thrice a week with a mild herbal shampoo. Avoid using hair dryer. Let hair dry naturally as often as possible. Applying henna once a week brings shine to the hair and strengthens the hair.

I need to apply mehndi once a week
Applying henna once a week will be beneficial. Image shutterstock.

oiling is necessary

Do apply oil once a week. Oil can be applied a night before shampooing the hair. You should consult your doctor about continuing vitamins and minerals after childbirth.


Pregnancy is not a disease. This is a natural process. Along with external care, pay attention to your health as well. Feeling good will make you look good and looking good will make you feel even better. Beauty is everything.

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