How to choose perfect sunscreen for yourself.

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Whether it is summer or winter, it is very important to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man, it is very important to apply sunscreen. In winter, we forget to apply sunscreen because the sun feels good, but in summer, when the sun stings, we remember to apply sunscreen. It is very important to apply sunscreen to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. But then you know what you should keep in mind while buying the same screen.

Sunscreen contains filters that act to absorb or reflect some of the sun’s UV radiation. There are two types of sunscreens chemical and mineral. Chemical sunscreen works by absorbing UV radiation and converting it into heat to provide sun protection, while mineral sunscreen reflects UV rays away from the skin. Both types provide effective sun protection.

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Keep these 5 things in mind while choosing sunscreen

1 Broad-Spectrum

All sunscreens provide protection against UVB rays which are the main reason behind sunburn and skin cancer. But there are also UVA rays that can cause skin cancer and signs of premature aging. Not all sunscreens protect against them. Only certain sunscreens pass this test and are allowed to be labeled as ‘broad-spectrum’.

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2 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) (SPF)

SPF is a measure of a sunscreen’s UVB protection (the amount of solar energy required to cause damage or sunburn). Before buying, make sure the sunscreen is at least SPF30 or higher. The higher the SPF number, the better the protection from UVB rays.

Sunscreen is needed even on dark skin

Some people believe that those whose skin color is darker i.e. the amount of melanin is more, they do not need to apply sunscreen. This is because melanin acts to diffuse UVB rays and can protect against sunburn to some extent.

People with darker skin are more protected from the sun, but should still wear a full-spectrum sunscreen. UVA damage is not blocked by melanin and can cause premature skin aging and wrinkling.

Melanin also will not protect the skin from excessive sun exposure, such as unprotected prolonged exposure to the sun. People who have darker skin color are also not safe from skin cancer.

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4 The Right Sunscreen Slows Down Aging

Sunscreen protects you from the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines, dark spots. Sun exposure depletes collagen and elastin fibers, so skin can appear lifeless and dull. People who do not apply sunscreen on a daily basis show signs of aging much earlier than expected. According to the Germany-based Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, UV radiation starts to become harmful after spending only 5 to 10 minutes in the sun.

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5 Wear Water Resistance Sunscreen

Water-resistant sunscreens are a must especially when you are going for any water activity, as they can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun while swimming or even when you get drenched during monsoons.

According to the American Association of Dermatology, water-resistant sunscreens can stay on for at least 40 to 80 minutes on wet skin and must be reapplied as well. Ordinary sunscreens which are not waterproof wash off in water and you end up with tanning, redness and sunburn.

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