how to avoid feet growing during pregnancy. – Know from expert why your shoe size changes after pregnancy and how you can stop it.

Weight gain is normal in pregnancy. Most pregnant women gain between 10 kg-12.5 kg. Due to this the size of the clothes being worn changes. Mostly this change in weight becomes visible after 20 weeks. But do you know that after pregnancy, not only your clothes, but also the size of your shoes can increase. Many women who experienced this told that after pregnancy they did not fit the shoes they used to wear earlier. Let us know from an expert why this happens and how you can stop it (how to avoid feet growing during pregnancy).

various changes in the body

As the baby starts developing inside the womb, women start experiencing increased weight. During this, many changes take place in the body. Fat is stored and after the birth of the child, the body also starts preparing for milk to come in the breast. Some women told during the conversation that their shoe size also changed after pregnancy.

feet increase in pregnancy

Gynecologist and sexual health expert Dr. Anjali in her Instagram post talks about increasing shoe size during pregnancy or after pregnancy. She says, “During pregnancy, our body produces the relaxin hormone. It relaxes the ligament. Including the ligaments present in the feet. Although some women’s feet return to their old size after delivery. While some women have a permanent increase in foot size.”

Why do feet grow during pregnancy?

Elaborating on this, Dr. Anjali says, “Our foot is made up of 26 bones and over 30 joints, which are joined together by a network of ligaments. During pregnancy, the ligaments of the whole body start to loosen or loose. Through this, the body prepares the pelvic joints for delivery. This is due to the fluctuations of hormones.

Also the increased weight can make our feet wider. When the body weight is high, it puts more stress and pressure on the feet. This can lead to expansion of the joints.

There can be some other reasons for swelling or increase in the size of the feet (shoe size change after pregnancy).

It is difficult to tell whether your feet have become bigger due to swelling or they have actually increased in size. The legs are usually more swollen at night than in the morning. Certain activities and positions, even diet, can cause more or less swelling.

Take care of your feet in this way during pregnancy (how to avoid feet growing during pregnancy)

1 Choose the right shoes and stockings (Compression stockings)

Wear compression socks or stockings. These can help control lower extremity swelling. Wear shoes that support your feet. Do not wear shoes that are tight or cut from anywhere. Never use heels, pointed shoes from the front.

Use the right stockings during pregnancy Image: Adobe Stock

Control Weight

Consult your gynecologist and get the right diet suggestion according to your weight. Also discuss whether your weight is increasing due to pregnancy or not? They will tell you the right weight ratio according to you and pregnancy. If the weight is increasing too fast, then take measures to control it. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the feet and also avoid standing for a long time.

3 Massage and Cardiovascular Exercises

Regular massage and cardiovascular exercises can help control swelling of the feet. During pregnancy, one should keep trying to raise the legs at the end of the day. If they are always raised high, then ankles should also be tried to be flexible. This helps to bring excess fluid up from the legs.

4 Muscle Exercises

Exercise the muscles of the legs. This will strengthen the muscles. Trying to stand on one foot, lifting marbles with the toes, or heel exercises can also help relieve swelling.

Yoga exercises to control weight during pregnancy
Exercise done during pregnancy keeps the weight under control. Image shutterstock.

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