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Sweat is an important part of our body. Some people sweat more, some people sweat less, some people sweat only in a few places, some people sweat bad smell, then many people do not have such a problem. But the sweat coming in the underarms sometimes causes low confidence for some people. Along with sweating, if foul smell comes from it, then it becomes a reason for more embarrassment.

why smell comes from underarms

There are two main types of sweat glands

1 acrine
2 Apocrine

1 Eccrine- These cover most of your body and open directly to the surface of the skin.

Apocrine – These occur in areas that have a lot of follicles, such as the groin and underarms. Apocrine glands, instead of opening to the surface of the skin, empty into the hair follicle and then open to the surface.

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When the body overheats, the eccrine glands release sweat which cools your body. It is usually odorless until it comes into contact with bacteria on your skin. Certain foods and drinks you consume, as well as certain types of medications, can also cause sweat to smell.

under arms se ati hai gandi badabu
To avoid bad smell, it is most important to maintain hygiene. Image: shutterstock

Apocrine glands work mainly under stress, releasing an odorless sweat. This sweat starts to produce odor when it comes in contact with bacteria on the skin. These glands do not start functioning until puberty.

Dermatologist Dr. Ankur Sarin explains in his Instagram post that the spices you eat also cause the smell of sweat.

According to Dr. Ankur, people suffering from liver and kidney problems can also smell from their sweat.

Experts are telling 4 ways to deal with the smell of sweat and underarms

Take special care of hygiene

Dr. Ankur explains that to avoid the smell of sweat, it is most important to maintain hygiene. Shower daily and keep your underarms shaved. If you don’t shower regularly, bad bacteria will grow on your body, which will break down the sweat in a dirty way, which can make your sweat smell bad.

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Uses of Benzoyl Peroxide Soap

Dr. Ankur has told that it has anti-bacterial properties which eliminate the bacteria causing bad smell in the body. You can take a bath by dissolving it in the bath water or soak a cloth in this solution and clean your underarms with it.

cleaning of under arms is necessary
To deal with the stench, you must change your habits. Image- shutterstock.

use of sweat blockers

Nowadays there are many types of sweat blockers available in the market, which block your sweat glands. Due to this, sweating gets less from that place. To use it, first wash your hands. Apply on the affected area thrice a week at night and wash off in the morning.

This product may cause irritation in some people. If you feel like it, wash it off and visit your dermatologist.

Apply perfume on clothes, not on skin

If you use any perfume, instead of applying it directly on your skin, apply it on your clothes, this will give you less chance of skin allergy. By applying scent directly on the skin, the pH of our skin is also affected and the bacteria are also unbalanced. Due to which the smell of sweat can increase.

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