how to add peaches in your skin care routine

Peach is such a fruit, which is not only tasty to eat, but is also very beneficial for health. Vitamin C and A are found in this antioxidant-rich fruit, which repairs skin cells along with our overall health. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen in the skin. This keeps the skin healthy, glowing and young. Let’s know the benefits of peach for skin (How to use Peach for skin care).

In addition to antioxidants, peaches also contain phenolic compounds and carotenoids, which help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. It contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which is used to exfoliate the skin and repair cells. The water content present in it helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

Use peach in this way to keep the skin hydrated in the summer season

1. To remove wrinkles

For this, apply a face mask prepared from peach on the face. It is helpful in skin tightening. For this, first mash the peaches. Now add two spoons of curd and one spoon of honey to it. Make a paste of it and apply it on the face. Applying it regularly on the face will stop the appearance of prematurely visible fine lines. Along with this, the skin will start becoming healthy and glowing.

collagen helps to reduce wrinkles
Skin care plays an important role in your overall health and appearance. Image: shutterstock

2. To prevent dryness

The phenolic compound present in it removes the dead skin cells present in the skin and returns the lost moisture of the face. For this, add one teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of vitamin E serum to two teaspoons of peach pulp. Massage this mixture by applying it on the face and then leave it on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. To make the skin healthy, apply it on the face daily. Due to this, the dryness on the face starts to go away and the skin remains hydrated.

3. For glowing skin

Use of peach is very beneficial for maintaining glow on the face. For this, mix equal amount of cherry pulp in two spoons of peach pulp. After mixing them, add 4 to 5 drops of rose water to it. Apply this solution on the face. Now leave the face for 10 minutes. After that wash the face with normal water.

4. For acne free skin

Peach paste provides freshness to the skin to avoid the problem of acne on the face during the summer season. For this, mix a pinch of turmeric, one teaspoon mashed banana and one teaspoon milk in one teaspoon peach pulp and apply it on the face. Due to this, the pimples on the face will automatically go away. Along with this, the glow of the face will increase. Apply this solution on the face and massage it for 2 to 3 minutes. This automatically removes dead skin cells. This keeps the skin glow intact.

Peach paste hata dega acne
Pimples on the face will start going away automatically with the paste of Peach. Image shutterstock.

5. To remove tanning

Many measures are taken to overcome the problem of tanning in summers. In such a situation, the problem of uneven tone becomes a cause of trouble for our skin. For this, mix equal quantity of gram flour and curd in one spoon peach pulp. Now apply this mixture on the face and neck. By applying continuously for a week, the glow on the face starts increasing and the skin becomes healthy.

6. To get rid of dark circles

For dark circles, you can apply mashed peaches under the eyes. Apart from this, rubbing the slices of peach on the under eye hydrates the skin and removes the problem of dark circles. If you want, you can also apply peach juice under the eyes with the help of cotton.

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