How does obesity affect sex life? – How does obesity affect sex life?

Obesity doesn’t just change your body. But it also has a profound impact on your sex life. Know how obesity affects your sex life. (Does body weight affect sex?)

Due to hormonal changes in the body, problems such as acne and irregular periods and weight gain begins to develop It is also common for libido to decrease due to hormonal imbalance. Yes, some people also feel a lack of libido due to obesity. This problem is compounded by the inability to reach orgasm due to lack of libido. According to research from the Study of Obesity, when people begin to fall prey to obesity. Their sex life will be affected. and libido begins to decrease Obesity doesn’t just change your body. But it also has a profound impact on your sex life. Know how obesity affects your sex life. (Does body weight affect sex?)

According to the Journal of Health and Sex Guide, 30 percent of people gain weight. Affected by poor sex drive, decreased libido, and poor sexual performance. All these problems are starting to increase due to obesity in the body.

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How does obesity affect your sex life?

1. Sexual desire will decrease.

Those people are suffering from obesity and their libido starts to decrease, actually due to the increased level of body fat. Chemicals called globulins that bind to sex hormones increase. This affects the testosterone hormone in the body, which reduces libido.

2. Strength begins to decline.

People who are overweight and victims of obesity The stamina in the body begins to decrease and soon they start to feel tired. Symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue begin to interfere with their sex life. In this situation They can’t have long-lasting sex.

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Disadvantages of obesity
Libido begins to decline in obese people. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Due to decreased blood flow Makes it difficult to reach climax

This is due to the increase in obesity in the body. Blood flow therefore does not occur regularly. This makes it difficult to reach orgasm. Blood flow in the penis decreases and blood vessels narrow. This affects sex life.

4. Unable to enjoy sexual positions

Intimacy is very important for a strong sexual relationship. If your partner is fat You will not be able to enjoy different sexual positions to make your sex life exciting. Because of this, libido starts to decrease and starts causing problems in sexual life.

5. Being ashamed of your body also affects your confidence.

To enjoy sexual activity There needs to be both love and acceptance. You won’t be able to enjoy it. Unless you can prepare yourself for sex. People who are obese have low self-confidence due to their inability to be happy.

Follow these tips to control your weight.

1. Eating healthy food

To make the body strong and full of energy You should consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating junk food and spicy food. Due to this, the possibility of increasing obesity in the body increases.

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2. Regular exercise is important.

Hormonal imbalance problems can be resolved with some exercise every day. It helps in burning excess fat accumulated in the body by controlling weight gain. In addition to exercising Walking is also beneficial to the body.

Exercise is a sexual desire.
Scientists also believe that exercise is beneficial to your health. Image:Shutterstock

3. Accept yourself

Accept yourself the way you are. Avoid physical harm Don’t let anyone’s words influence you. Give yourself encouragement. Due to this, problems in sexual life can be avoided.

If you or your partner is overweight Try this technique for orgasm.

1. Find a sexual position that is comfortable for you.

If you are a victim of obesity Choose the sexual position according to your convenience. This will increase the excitement in your sexual life. Also, don’t belittle yourself.

2 Fun to play with four people

Foreplay is very important to achieving orgasm. This will increase your libido and make you happy. for foreplay It is important that you know your happiness score. The pleasure comes from the clitoris and nipples to the lower abdomen and buttocks.

3 Let’s talk

Pleasure cannot be achieved by stimulating the sexual points. In the same way We can’t orgasm without talking to each other. for this It is important to express your wishes and problems.

Four sex toys are also useful.

Use sex toys to make a difference in your sex life. This makes sex life easy and healthy. We also gained a new experience in masturbating. There are many types of sex toys. Including vibrators and anal toys which add novelty to sex life.

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