How are guava beneficial to the skin?

Consuming guava, which is rich in antioxidants, helps in detoxifying the skin. Guava not only improves the digestive system. But it’s also good for your skin. Let’s get to know the benefits of guava for the skin.

Due to exposure to cold winds The skin on the face then becomes dry and lifeless. In this situation Many chemical products are used to maintain the skin’s glow. These can sometimes make the skin glow. But it has not proven beneficial in maintaining hydration for a long time. Meanwhile, the fruits and vegetables available this season can nourish your skin from within and give it a natural glow. One such special fruit is guava. Yes, guava not only improves the digestive system. But it’s also good for your skin. Let’s get to know the benefits of guava for the skin.

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According to the National Library of Medicine Consumption of guava provides the body with vitamins A, C, calcium, iron and magnesium. While methanol extract is found in guava leaves. Helps protect the skin from sunlight. This reduces the effect of melanin in the skin which helps in removing blemishes.

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Nutritionist Manisha Goyal says nutrient-rich guava contains high amounts of vitamins, calcium, iron and manganese. This keeps the skin free from the effects of aging. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties found in it. In addition to moisturizing the skin, It also protects the skin from acne and blackheads. The lycopene content found in guava helps tighten sagging skin.

Guava can add a glow to your skin.
Guava can bring a natural glow to your skin. Photo: Shutterstock

Now you know how guava works on the skin. (Benefits of western skin)

1. Detox the skin

Consuming guava, which is rich in antioxidants, helps in detoxifying the skin. Vitamins A and C found in it keep the skin healthy and protect it from skin problems. The amount of potassium found in guava helps purify the blood.

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2 Helps keep the skin moisturized

The problem of dry skin starts to increase during the winter months. To avoid this problem Consumption of guava helps maintain moisture in the skin. According to the USDA, there is 81 percent water content in guava. With regular consumption, Skin cells will be repaired. which makes the skin soft and maintains its elasticity

Know the benefits of guava
Guava softens the skin and maintains its elasticity. Photo: Shutterstock

Guava is an anti-aging agent.

Adding guava to your diet will help keep your skin healthy. The amount of carotene, vitamin C and lycopene present in it helps in solving the problem of wrinkles that appear prematurely on the skin. Consumption will help solve the problem of free radicals on the skin. Damaged skin cells begin to be repaired. Therefore helping the skin to shine.

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4 Helps relieve acne symptoms

According to the NIH, the antibacterial properties found in guava help in eliminating common acne problems on the skin. The skin also receives relief from visible blemishes. The skin remains healthy and soft.

5 Prevents hyperpigmentation

Consumption of guava is necessary to get rid of freckles on the skin. The amount of iron and potassium present in it protects the skin from blemishes. Additionally, the vitamin E found in guava helps to deeply cleanse the skin and increase collagen levels. Daily consumption of guava helps maintain skin elasticity.

Benefits of guava
Research also shows that guava and guava leaves can relieve diarrhea and constipation. Photo: Shutterstock

6 Protect your skin from the sun.

Daily consumption of guava helps keep the skin free from UV rays. The abundance of vitamin C helps maintain skin’s moisture. This will help solve the problem of dead cells. The amount of collagen in the skin increases. The lycopene content helps keep the skin free from pollution and harsh sunlight.

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