Here is everything you need to know about skin cancer.

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Due to lack of information and pre-existing misconceptions, many people do not understand the symptoms of skin cancer in time. Due to which their condition becomes serious and the risk of life also increases. Still most people think that skin cancer can only develop on the outer skin. While recent researches are giving information about it being more widespread.

In fact, skin cancer can affect different parts of the skin. About which we all should have proper information. So that by identifying the early symptoms of cancer, we can start their treatment. According to the World Health Organization, the biggest cause of skin cancer is the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from this, harmful chemicals can also affect your skin.

Skin cancer cases are increasing here too

Skin cancer statistics in India are very less. Less than 1 percent of people get skin cancer. But the matter of concern is that gradually the cases of skin cancer are also increasing in India. Due to lack of awareness among the people, it is detected very late.

The death rate of skin cancer is also very low. But even after the diagnosis, the risk of skin cancer remains for the whole life. That’s why today Health Shots has brought some important information for you. Let us know in which parts of the body skin cancer can occur, so that on seeing the symptoms, we can visit the doctor without delay and get it treated.

skin cancer is difficult to deal with
Coping with skin cancer is difficult. Image: shutterstock

Skin cancer can also affect these parts of the body

1. Anus

The anus usually does not come in contact with the sun. Despite this, there may be a risk of skin cancer in the anus. There is a risk of both basal cell and melanoma cancer. Anorectal mucosal melanoma is a dangerous and rare form of cancer, which usually occurs inside the anus. Although, it is seen in very few people, but its treatment is very painful and difficult.

According to the report of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, only 14 percent of the people suffering from this survive for only five years even after treatment. The reason for this may not be the harmful rays of the sun, but the excess of smoking.

This cancer initially appears as a yellow mark. Sometimes it looks like an open wound. It goes away after a while and comes back in a few days.

2. ear

All types of skin cancer can occur in the ear. Almost all cases of ear cancer first start as skin cancer. Its treatment is not easy. Only 300 patients are diagnosed in the US each year. In this type of cancer, small white bumps, red spots, scaly skin, black or brown lesions are seen on the ear skin. Some people initially experience swelling and pain. After a few days, the fluid starts coming.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays increases the risk of ear cancer. Usually we all forget the ear while applying sunscreen, which is not fair at all.

3. Inside the thumb nail

Melanoma is a rare and dangerous cancer. This cancer develops inside the nails of the thumb. If it spreads more then it can be quite fatal. The reason for its development has not been proved scientifically yet. It usually appears as a black or brown discoloration under the nail.

If your thumb is swollen for a long time or you notice a hair color on the inside of your thumb, see a doctor right away. Your delay can make you seriously ill.

fungal infection
Your toe nails also need extra care. Image shutterstock.

4. Eye

The lower the incidence of eye cancer, the more dangerous it is. About 3,500 eye cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States each year, almost all of which are uveal melanomas. This cancer begins to spread when cells enter the bloodstream and embed themselves in a new part of the body through the bloodstream. If it is not treated properly in time, it can take away the eyesight.

5. Scalp

Scalp cancer is a part of skin cancer. Often we do not pay attention to the problems related to the scalp because it is covered with hair. All three types of skin cancer can make the scalp its victim. Prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun increases the risk of scalp cancer. In the initial symptoms of scalp cancer, you may find pain, moles, ulcers and other types of abnormal conditions.

If this cancer is detected in time, then it can be stopped from spreading. Once it spreads and reaches other parts of the body, it becomes very difficult to stop it.

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6. Under the tongue

Cancer of the floor of the mouth or cancer formed in the lower part of the tongue has made many people its victims. About one in every 60 men and one in every 141 women will develop oral cancer at least once in their lifetime. Cancers that form on the floor of the mouth are known as skin cancer.

It usually preys on people who chew tobacco and drink a lot of alcohol. If you are getting frequent sores under your tongue, then you should see a doctor without delay.

It can be easily removed with minimally invasive surgery. On the other hand, if it is detected in time, then it can be easily defeated.

If you clean your lips, you will stay healthy.
Avoid smoking along with cleaning your tongue. Image: shutterstock

preventive measures

Usually the cause of skin cancer is the harmful rays of the sun. But the cause of cancer inside the nails of the thumb and in the ear can be due to UV rays as well as dirt. Smoking causes cancer on the lower part of the tongue and the skin of the anus.

Whenever you go out of the house in the sun or during the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen and try to keep the body covered. Along with this, keep a complete distance from smoking, along with this, if you see any kind of symptoms, immediately meet a cancer specialist and seek advice. A little delay can cost you dearly.

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