here are yoga poses for cervical pain relief

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Sitting on the chair for hours without any break and running fingers on the laptop becomes the cause of stiffness in our body parts. Due to this, every part of the body starts getting affected from eyes to neck and waist. Sitting for a long time causes pain in the neck, which becomes the cause of back and waist pain. From old people to young people, everyone is troubled by the pain of Cervical Spondylosis. This causes pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Let us know some easy yogasanas to get relief from this pain.Yoga poses for Cervical Spondylosis).

Get relief from cervical pain by doing these three yogasanas regularly, know how to do them

locust pose
Learn how to do Shalabhasana to get relief from back stiffness. Image shutterstock.

1. Half locust pose

Ardhashalabhasana is one of the best ways to get relief from the pain in the neck due to cervical. This stretches the muscles of the neck, which relieves the pain. Apart from this, the problem of weight gain while sitting also gets relief.

How to do this asana

To do this yoga, lie down on the ground on your stomach. Now straighten both the hands and keep the back and legs straight.

Now lift the neck upwards. Take a deep breath and then lift the right leg in the air.

Keep both the hands on the ground. After staying in this pose for a few seconds, put the chin on the ground.

After that, keeping the right leg down, raise the left leg. While doing this yoga, keep the neck upwards as much as possible.

take care of these things

By doing this yoga, the abdominal muscles get stretched. In this case, patients of hernia should not do this.

Apart from this, avoid doing this yoga during pregnancy and period.

If you are struggling with the problem of slipped disc, then you should not do this yoga.

2. Makarasana (Crocodile pose)

Yogasana done lying down in the shape of Makara i.e. crocodile is called Makarasana. By doing this asana, the pain in the spine and neck goes away. Do not make haste in the process of breathing and exhaling while doing this yoga. Take a deep breath and release it slowly. This also strengthens the lungs. By doing this regularly, due to cervical spondylitis, increasing stress in the back and neck starts reducing.

How to do this asana

To do this yoga, lie down on the floor on the mat. Now maintain a gap between both the legs.

At the same time, pull both the hands upwards. Slowly raise the legs upwards. After that look towards the front keeping the chin on both the hands.

During yoga, try to raise the shoulders also upwards.

take care of these things

Avoid doing this yoga if you have any kind of injury on neck, back or leg. Due to this, stretch is felt in the body.

If you are troubled by any stomach related disease, then do not do this yoga. This stretches the abdominal muscles, which can increase your difficulties.

Even during high blood pressure, this asana can be harmful for the body.

3. Shashank Bhujangasan

By doing this yoga, a stretch is felt in the whole body, which strengthens the muscles. By continuously doing this yoga, the pain of the spinal cord goes away and the flexibility in the body starts increasing. With its help, the pain felt in the shoulders and neck is removed and the muscles are relaxed.
You get strength.

how to do it

First of all, sit with the weight of the ankles on the mat. After that, keep both the hands on the Thais and close the eyes.

After this, put the head on the mat and straighten both the hands and spread them forward. Now slowly apply the chest and stomach on the ground.

After this, lift the front part of the body upwards. Raise the body up to the navel and keep the neck up. After this, come back to Vajrasana again.

In this way, repeat the yoga posture 5 to 6 times. Due to this the muscles start to relax.

Bhujangasana gives relief to our body from cervical
By doing this yoga, a stretch is felt in the whole body, which strengthens the muscles. Image: shutterstock

take care of these things

Pregnant women should avoid doing this type of yoga. Apart from this, due to the problem of slip disc and blood pressure, these yoga can also be harmful for the body.

If you have undergone a surgery, avoid yoga and any kind of exercise for a few days.

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