here are tips to style sweaty hair

The effect of the change in the weather is visible on our skin as well as on our hair. The increasing humidity in the summer, ie humidity, emerges as a problem for the hair. Due to this, roughness starts coming in the hair, which works to spoil the texture of the hair. Actually, this causes the hair to become lifeless, the effect of which is also seen on our look. Not only this, when tangled and sticky hair comes in contact with the air, dust and dirt particles also stick to the sweaty hair. The salt and dust particles present in the sweat work to make the hair lifeless. Tie these sticky hairs that have lost their shine in these special ways (tips to style sweaty hair).

To overcome the problem of sticky hair, beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says that always use mild herbal shampoo in such hair. Apart from this, tea and lemon juice are also a good option for sweaty hair. If you want, you can boil the used tea leaves again, cool them and add lemon juice to it, apply it to the hair after shampooing.

In summer, dust, dirt and sweat work to damage our skin as well as hair. Image: Adobe Stock

Avoid Creamy Conditioners

Comfort should also be taken care of while styling the hair. To maintain your confidence, you must feel cool and comfortable. As far as trends are concerned, soft looking long hair with curls or natural waves in the lower half of the hair look good. Long, flowing hair can be difficult to manage in hot and humid weather. Long hair spread haphazardly on a sweaty back spoils the beauty.

You can tie your hair in these easy ways

1. Classic ponytail looks trendy

Keeping your hair up makes you feel cool. The classic ponytail trend is back. It suits most faces. High or low, a ponytail with a fringe can be worn. You can whip or curl with the “carefully-careless” look. Ponytail is an easy hair-do. With ribbons, clips or other hair accessories, it gives a glam look. Ponytail can be done for formal or informal look. For long faces, create a low pony tail and a light long fringe straight down. Wear it with a side-swept fringe for an oval face. For square jaw faces, keep long curls falling down either side of the face, slightly past jaw level.

2. Choti gives cool look

The braid in long hair gives a cool look. Hair can also be braided in many ways using hair accessories. Long hair can be braided and accessories can be added to it or make small curls on the face and keep the braid on one side. Put several braids into a ponytail with a ribbon, or create a ponytail, leaving a section of hair open. Braid the free section and wrap it around the ponytail, as if the braid is holding the ponytail.

Tie hair that has lost its shine in these special ways Image: shutterstock

3. Top Knot

Grooming hair is cool. This is a better option for a party in summer. Wear long hair in a top knot, a French roll, or a feminine, classic chignon. This style will not only make you feel cool but will also make you look elegant or glamorous.

4. Short hair will make you feel cool

Curly hair tends to get frizzier when the humidity is high. Add some water to the creamy hair conditioner and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray it on the hair. Then comb, so that it spreads in the hair. Short hair will make you feel cool. Short hairstyles suit long faces if it is done in two sides. Avoid blow drying too much. To make short hair look more voluminous, blow dry your hair with a finger comb.

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