Here are tips to do pedicure at home

Apart from face and hands, cleaning of feet is also very important. Often we do not pay that much attention to the feet, when our feet are sometimes in a shoe and sometimes in a sleeper throughout the day. Bacteria on the ground prove to be the cause of everything from fungal infections on our feet to cracked heels. In such a situation, give some time to these feet which run from here to there during the day and do a pedicure with these easy steps to beautify and enhance for pedicure at home, This will not only remove the dryness of the feet, cracked heels and tanning, but your mind also starts feeling relaxed.

It is not necessary every time that you go to a beauty salon or parlor for foot care. Beauty expert Rekha Kumari is sharing with us the easy method of whitening feet at home. She says that by doing pedicure two to three times a month, our feet and nails do not suffer from any kind of problem.

Know these easy steps of pedicure, which will give comfort to your feet

1. Dip your feet in lukewarm water

Fill lukewarm water in any tub or bucket. Do not keep the water too hot. There is a risk of damage to the skin due to this. Mix half a bowl of salt in this water and add two to three spoons of shampoo. If you want, you can also put essential oil in it. Drip a few drops of either tea tree oil, rosemary or lavender oil. After this add rose petals to it. Bubble bath for feet for 15 to 20 minutes is very important.

Bubble bath for feet for 15 to 20 minutes is very important. Image: shutterstock

2. Cleaning with brush and stone

Now rub the feet with a soft brush, due to which the dead skin deposited on the soles starts coming off automatically. After this, clean the ankles with the pubic stone. This makes the heels shine. Apart from this, clean the fingers from behind as well, so that the dirt deposited on it starts getting cleaned. Keep in mind that avoid rubbing it too much on the feet, otherwise there is a risk of getting cut or tearing the skin.

3. Apply foot scrub

To make the feet soft and beautiful, now apply the foot scrub in the next step. Applying it on the feet, kept massaging for some time. Massage one leg in circular motion with both hands. This makes the blood circulation of the feet regular. For this, you can use any good foot scrub or experiment. Apart from this, you can also prepare packs and scrubs at home. Apply it on the feet and massage it till it gets absorbed in the feet.

4. Scrub off your feet

Now use lukewarm towels to remove the greasiness caused by the scrub on both the feet. This automatically reduces the dirt and tanning accumulated in the feet. Due to this, wearing different types of shoes and sleepers removes the uneven tone of the feet.

Foot oiling is a very relaxing therapy.
If you are also concerned about the health of your feet, then foot massage is a better option. Image: shutterstock

5.Trimming and Filing

After removing the feet from lukewarm water, hang them on a towel. Now cut the grown nails of the feet. Due to this, the dirt accumulated in the nails gets removed easily. If you want to grow nails, then clean them from inside and file them. Also, use a cuticle remover to remove dead skin from all of your nails in turn. This makes the nails look clean and also affects the growth of the nails. If you want, apply aloe vera gel to your toes to nourish the skin. After repairing the nails, give a better look to the nails with nail paint for some time.

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