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Actually sciatica is a vein, in which pain starts in the hip when it gets stretched or swollen. We also know this pain by the name of sciatica pain. This problem is more common in the age group of 31 to 40 years. 40 to 45 percent people in the country are troubled by this problem. Sciatica pain occurs in the legs. This pain goes from the hip to the back of the leg and goes to the heel. During pain, the patient is forced to think before walking. Sciatica pain is treated by doctors with the help of postural changes and physiotherapy. However, it is forbidden to do more tough exercises during this time. But to get relief from pain, you can practice these 4 Yogasanas (Yoga pose to relieve sciatica pain).

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What do experts say?

Yogacharya Kanchan Gupta has been teaching Yoga in Kanpur for the last 10 years. Kanchan Gupta says, “Yoga solved the problem of sciatica in 80 out of 100 people. Sciatica pain can be relieved by doing 4 Yogasanas everyday.

These are the 4 Yogasanas, which can be done in the morning to get relief from sciatica problem.


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1- Downward facing dog

Yogacharya Kanchan Gupta says, doing the downward facing dog posture gives relief in the problem of sciatica.

Do asana like this-
1- One has to lie down on both hands and knees on the ground.
2- Raise the body from the back and straighten the knees with the hands.
3- Keep both the hands in front and spread the palms.
4- Now you have to stay in this position for three minutes.

2- Shalabhasana-

Kanchan Gupta says that by doing Shalabhasana daily in the morning, there is relief in back pain along with back pain. With this, there is relief in weight loss, constipation, asthma and other diseases. Shoulders and hands also get strength by doing this yoga. It has also proved effective in relieving sciatica pain. Kanchan says that along with stretching the muscles, the back pain goes away.

Do asana like this-
1- Lie down on your stomach.
2- While breathing in, you have to lift your legs up.
3- Make fists of your hands and place them under your thighs.
4- Now take a deep breath without bending your legs. Then, while exhaling slowly, lower the leg.

3- Bhujangasana-

This asana is also known as Cobra pose. In this, the upper part of the body is raised like a snake. By doing this asana, the problem of thyroid and abdominal fat is reduced. The important thing is that people suffering from ulcer hernia should avoid doing this asana.

Do asana like this-
1- Have to lie down on the stomach.
2- Now the upper portion has to be raised. The most important thing that is worth paying attention to is not to put too much emphasis on the waist.
3- Delay as much as you can. Try to do it three to four times in the initial days. If you get used to it, you can increase it accordingly.

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Do yogasanas to keep yourself fit and energetic. Image: Adobe Stock

4- Supta Padangusthasana-

People troubled by the pain of sciatica should do Supta Padangusthasana. By doing this asana, there is relief in discomfort.

Do yoga like this-
1- lie down to do the asana
2- Stretch both the legs.
3-now lift one leg up
4- Take a long cloth. Hold it well in your hands by trapping it in your claws. Now stretch the leg, do not bend the knee. Try to bring the leg towards your head, and stay like this for two minutes.

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