Here are some toxic hair care trends. Here are some toxic hair care trends.

Nowadays, new hair trends have increased the number of hair problems. In this situation To maintain hair health We must avoid things that are toxic to the hair.

at present Hair problems have become very common. In addition to dry and damaged hair, the hair is very weak, and the problem of hair loss is increasing. There are several reasons behind this. The biggest reason is environmental factors. Our hair has already suffered a lot of damage from increased pollution and toxins in the environment. Moreover, today’s new hair trends are causing these problems to increase as well. In this situation To maintain hair health We must avoid things that are toxic to the hair. Let’s talk about this today.

Dermatologist Dr. Su, alias Suyomi, posted on her Instagram that she revealed three toxic hair trends (those that cause hair damage) that can have a negative effect on your hair and cause you. You can be a victim of hair loss. So let us know what these are and what mistakes we are making with our hair.

Here are some toxic hair care trends. (Cause of damaged hair)

1. Use dry shampoo often.

As the experts say In case of emergency or occasionally Dry shampoo can be used to remove stickiness from the hair and scalp. But if used repeatedly, it may damage the hair.

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How to use dry shampoo
Know how to use dry shampoo for hair. Photo: Shutterstock

It does not clean your scalp completely like normal shampoos. And you think your scalp and hair are cleansed, but in this case, frequent use of dry shampoo. It can cause dandruff to accumulate in the hair and scalp. Plus you have to face the problem of a boiled scalp as well.

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Therefore, avoid using dry shampoo as much as possible. If you want to thoroughly clean your hair and scalp. You should use shampoo as usual.

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2. Using heating devices on wet hair

As we all know, using heating devices is not good for your hair at all. But now people use heating products on wet hair. To make hair straightening easier Using a straightener on wet hair can cause more damage to the hair.

When hair is dry, it is less affected by heat. The level of chemical damage caused by using eating tools on wet hair is almost the same as dry hair. But the level of damage to the structure was much higher.

In this situation The physical properties of your hair will be negatively affected. Therefore, you should use heating devices on your hair as little as possible. Additionally, before use, be sure to use a heat protection spray, cream, etc. before use.

Protects hair from breakage.
A wooden comb prevents hair breakage. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Tie the ponytail and hairstyle tightly.

Nowadays, ponytails and hairstyles are very popular. But it can also damage your hair. Tight hairstyles pull your hair away from the roots, which can lead to hair loss. This is a type of hair loss that is found in your hairline.

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In this situation When you stop wearing tight hairstyles and take proper care of your hair. This problem will become normal within a few days.

Know important secrets to taking care of your hair properly.

By taking proper care of your hair, hair loss and other problems including scalp infections. can be avoided Don’t wash your hair often. You should wash your hair twice a week. Additionally, oil should be applied all over the hair before washing. Do not leave your hair for a long time after applying the oil, wash your hair after 2 to 3 hours.

hair growth spray
Made from oils used for hair growth. Image – Adobe Stock

Don’t make your hairstyle tight. Leave your hair open Or make your hair loose. Due to this, your hair is not pulled from the roots and does not become weak. Hair spray and homemade hair masks will help in maintaining the health of your hair. In addition, if you have hair loss problems, you shouldn’t comb wet hair, even if you don’t intend to. Let the hair dry completely and only then comb.

during winter We all love spending time in the sunshine. But during this time, besides tea, it is also important to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. To do this Cover your hair with a hat, scarf, or any other means. Don’t forget to use a protective hair spray with SPF.

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