here are 6 health benefits of deep breathing exercise.

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Today’s run-of-the-mill life, wrong eating habits and physical stagnation have weakened both the physical and mental health of people. In such a situation, along with physical ailments, conditions like anxiety, depression, stress have become common for people. People have made it a part of their life due to which the quality of life is affected. In such a situation, deep breathing exercises (Benefits of deep breathing) can help you. It relaxes your whole body. It helps in balancing not only physical health but also mental health.

So today with HealthShots know some important benefits of breathing exercise. However, it is very important to make it a part of your regular routine for proper results.

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Know here 5 benefits of breathing exercise (Benefits of deep breathing)

1. Keeps blood pressure balanced

Deep breathing exercise is effective in the condition of hypertension while reducing anxiety. A study was done in 2019 by Complementary Therapy Medicine Analysed. According to the study, there was an improvement in the blood pressure of the person doing slow breathing exercise. It removes harmful toxins from the body and smoothens the blood flow.

take care of blood pressure
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2. Boosts Immunity

Through deep breathing exercises, you inhale fresh oxygen and exhale toxins and carbon dioxide. When the blood remains oxygenated, all the organs of the body function properly.

Toxin free and healthy blood supply in the body while boosting immunity reduces the effect of germs and bacteria that cause infection in the body. Deep breathing acts as a natural toxin reliever. Along with this, it increases the ability to absorb nutrients.

3. Helps in getting better sleep

Regular practice of simple deep breathing exercises helps you get better sleep. Take slow, deep breaths, this signals your body to detoxify and keeps your body calm and stable. In this case, the quality of sleep increases and helps you get better sleep. On the other hand, the person who is suffering from conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia should practice it everyday before sleeping.

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4. Increases energy power

Regular practice of deep breathing exercises improves blood flow, according to a study published by Complementary Therapies Medicine Analyse. Because of which maximum oxygen reaches every part of the body while traveling with blood. At the same time, sufficient amount of oxygen in the body increases the energy power.

Deep breathing is effective in asthma. picture shutterstock

5. Also effective in the condition of asthma

Breathing exercises are a natural way to improve the condition of asthma. According to a study published in 2019 by Cochrane on Asthma, breathing exercises help in reducing the symptoms seen in asthma by improving the function of the lungs. At the same time, in a study published by the American Lung Association, it was told that in the case of asthma, start deep breathing very slowly, suddenly taking deep breaths can cause problems for you.

6. Breathing exercises are natural painkillers

Deep breathing exercise releases endorphins, which we know as happy and feel good hormones. It helps in reducing the pain from the body and keeps you relaxed. In this way, breathing exercises can work for you as a natural pain killer.

Therefore it is important to practice them regularly with the right technique. If you are going to do breathing exercise for the first time, do it under the guidance of an instructor.

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