here are 5 yoga poses for all ages

With age, many types of changes are felt in the body. Sometimes leg cramps, sometimes back pain. The pain felt in the body after a day’s work makes our next morning dull. If you want to welcome the day with vigor and agility, then for this you must include yoga in your routine. Let’s know, some such yogasanas which fit your body.5 yoga poses for healthy life Will support you in keeping

Know those 5 yogasanas that will keep you active throughout the day

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujangasana is such a yoga done lying down, in which the legs are down and the head is raised. It is also called Sarpasana. By doing this asana, the abdominal and back muscles get stretched. This increases flexibility in the body, which proves helpful in day-to-day tasks.

Bhujangasana is such a yoga done lying down, in which the legs are down and the head is raised. Image: Adobe Stock

how to do this asana

Stand straight on the mat to do this yoga which is the 7th step out of the 12 asanas of Surya Namaskar.

Now lie down on your stomach. Keep both the hands together with the legs. Don’t keep a distance between your feet.

Raise the head from the front and move the neck backwards. Try to move the neck more back.

take care of these things

If there is pain in the stomach, then avoid doing it. Actually, in this asana, the veins of the stomach start stretching.

Apart from this, avoid doing this asana even after back pain or any surgery.

Do not push the neck too far back. This can cause stress in the neck and shoulders.

2. Down forward pose

Regular practice of Adhomukhasvanasana works to make the body strong. It is regularly used for stretching. This gives relief from pain and cramps present in the body. If the day is started with such yogasanas, then you start feeling fit throughout the day.

Downward facing dog pose
Many parts of the body get stretched by this yoga. picture shutter stock

how to do this asana

To do this, first stand straight on the mat.

Now slowly lean forward and keep the arms straight.

To do this Yogasap, it is necessary to have a distance between both the legs. Apart from this, keeping the hands forward, rest on the mat.

Give it to Yogasan in the morning or in the evening, do it three hours before eating food.

take care of these things

If you are going through the problem of headache, then do not do this yoga.

Apart from this, arthritis patients should also avoid doing this yoga.

Do this yoga only under the supervision of a professional trainer.

3. Natarajasana

By doing this asana while lying down, the muscles of the neck and abdomen feel stretched, which work to benefit health. Apart from this, the back is also straight and the body posture improves. This is a dancing pose, which works to increase focus.

how to do this asana

To do this, stand straight on the mat and close your eyes.

Now bend the right leg from the knee and hold the leg with the right hand.

At the same time, keep the left arm straight towards the front. Maintain this yoga posture for 30 seconds.

take care of these things

By doing this concentration increases.

Keep the neck and hands straight during yoga.

Avoid this yoga if there is pain in the legs or knees.

4. Tadasana

This yoga is used to provide peace to the mind and brain. By starting the day with this yoga, you not only stay fit but also experience inner peace, which is decreasing among people these days.

how to do this asana

To do this, stand straight on the mat. After this, raise the heels.

Now move the arms upwards and straighten the arms.

After this, tighten both the hands with each other and pull them upwards.

Now take a long breath. After staying like this for a few seconds, now exhale slowly.

5. Utkatasana

This asana done to increase the blood flow in the ribs is called Utkatasana. This causes stretching of the muscles.

This asana, done to increase blood flow to the ribs, is called Utkatasana. Image: Shutterstock

how to do this asana

To do this, stand straight on the mat. Now join both the legs together.

After this, pull both the hands upwards and then join the palms in the posture of Namaskar.

Now bend your knees as if you are sitting on a chair.

During this yoga, keep the back straight and close the eyes.

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