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The country of India had attained yoga five thousand years ago. But Indians are now moving away from it. In the running life, people are forgetting to keep their body fit. It is having a negative effect on our body. We must take the help of exercise to keep our body healthy. Experts say that by doing yoga, you will start feeling better within a span of 30 days. Along with this, the benefits of shocking body will also start appearing. To feel its better effect, 30 days of regular practice is required.

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what do doctors say

Dr. Sanjay Kala, Principal of GSVM Medical College, says that the risk of heart disease and heart attack has increased by 50 percent in people under the age of 50 years. At the same time, at the age of 40, 40 percent people have become victims of this problem. To prevent this, heart disease can be kept under control by doing cycling, aerobics, yoga, stair climbing, swimming, brisk walking, jogging, etc.

Downward facing dog pose
Many parts of the body get stretched by this yoga. portrait shutter stock

What does the IHA report say?

According to the Indian Heart Association, the patients of heart problems have increased more among the youth. Men are facing this problem more than women. Symptoms like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol and stress are the main reasons behind this. There is a 50 percent risk in people of 50 years and 40 percent in people of 40 years. According to IHA, by the year 2045, more than 130 million people in India would have been victims of this disease.

Yogacharya is telling about heart healthy yogasanas

Yogacharya Kanchan Gupta of CSJMU says Chakrasan, Dhanurasan, Bhujangasan are effective for heart related problems. By doing these easy every morning, along with heart disease, other diseases also get relief. Doing all the three asanas for half an hour in the morning will be good for health.

Here Are 3 Asanas That Improve Your Heart Health

1 chakrasana
Regular practice of this asana provides relief in diseases related to the heart. Along with this, the eyesight also increases. Chakrasana also keeps the digestive and reproductive organs healthy. Apart from this, there is relief in the problem of stress and depression. It must be done for ten minutes every day.

Do Chakrasana like this

lie on your back
Bend the knees, now bring the heels as close to the buttocks as possible
Now you have to raise your hands and keep them on the sides of your ears.
After this, raise the body with the help of hands and feet
Distribute the body weight equally on the hands and feet.

2 Dhanurasana

This asana is effective in providing relief from heart disease and heart attack. By doing this, the symptoms of depression get relief. Reduces obesity, makes muscles and bones flexible. Everyday it should be done for one minute in an interval of three minutes.

Do Dhanurasana like this

First of all, lie down on your stomach, fold your legs together and bend your back.
now hold the toes of the feet
After this, inhale the breath, lift the chest, lift the thighs above the ground.
Look ahead, with a smile on your face.

3 Bhujangasana

This asana is done to get relief in heart disease. Along with this it improves chest, lungs, shoulder, spine, tension, sciatica, reproductive system etc. In the initial days, it is recommended to do it three times for 30 seconds in an interval of five minutes. The time can be increased to one minute after the exercise.

Yoga works to help make long-term improvements in function. Image shutterstock.

Do Bhujangasana like this

Lie down flat on your stomach.
Now bring both your hands equal to your shoulders. turn palms to the floor
Put the entire body weight on your palms, and inhale. Lift the head and pull it towards the back.
Your posture should be like a snake with its hood raised. For a better version, look at your body by turning your neck to the right and left.

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