here are 3 body detox yoga poses

To keep the body healthy and fit, apart from taking care of food and drink, it is also necessary to detox yourself. Apart from detox food and drinks, you can also take the help of easy yoga to remove the toxins accumulated in the poses for detoxification). To keep yourself fit and energetic, definitely adopt these yogasanas.

Do these three yoga asanas to keep the body healthy, fresh and active

Downward facing dog pose
Many parts of the body get stretched by this yoga. picture shutter stock

1. Downward facing dog pose

Downward facing dog is one of the seven postures of Surya Namaskar. To do this, your body leans forward. Due to this, blood circulation in the body starts in a better way. Many parts of the body get stretched by this yoga. This yoga is counted in stretching exercises.

How to do downward facing dog

To do this, first stand straight on the mat.
After that, move both the hands upwards and make the arms straight.
Now bend the body forward and while bending the knees, place both the hands on the ground.
It is necessary to have distance between both the hands and both the feet.
While doing this yoga, try to raise the heels.

Benefits of downward dog pose

By continuing this yoga, the digestive system gets strength. This strengthens the muscles. People living under stress must do this yogasana. Apart from this, the cramps felt in the back and shoulders go away. Apart from this, the immune system of the body becomes strong.

take care of these things

If you are doing this yoga for the first time, there is a possibility of twisting of the hands. In such a situation, avoid doing this asana for a long time. Apart from this, avoid doing this yoga in arthritis and pregnancy. If you have had any surgery in your feet or legs, do not do this yoga.

yoga exercises
Yoga should be practiced in the morning on an empty stomach. Image: shutterstock

2. Bharadvajasana (Seated spinal twist pose)

With this asana, the flexibility of the body starts increasing. With its regular effort, the body not only detoxes but also remains fit. The specialty of this asana is that it stretches the muscles of the body and many diseases get rid of it.

How to do Bharadwajasana

To do this asana, you sit on the mat. After that sit in Sukhasana posture and close your eyes.
Now touch the left knee with the right hand. At the same time, try to touch the right foot with the left hand.
Initially try to stay in this posture for 30 seconds to one minute.
After doing it once, for the second time, now touch the right knee with the left hand.
While doing this yoga, bend the neck backwards.

Benefits of Bhardwajasana

This is an easy yoga. It is felt to stretch the abdominal muscles. By doing this, the body gets detoxed easily. This stretches everything from shoulders to legs. This gives strength to our back. Along with this, there is relief from the problem of acidity. The body gets benefit from this yoga which strengthens metabolism.

take care of these things

If you are suffering from any stomach related disease, then do not try this yoga.
Do this asana only in the presence of a yoga teacher.
Do this yoga after warm-up.
If you have cramps in your stomach or knees during yoga, then leave it.

Boat pose body detox
To keep the body detox, include Naukasana in your routine. Image: shutterstock

3. Naukasana (Boat pose)

To keep the body detox, include Naukasana in your routine. It can also provide relief from muscle cramps and leg pain.

how to sail

To do this, lie down straight on the mat.
After this, attach both the arms to the legs.
Now slowly rise upwards and straighten the arms.
After this, raise both the legs upwards. Keep in mind that the legs should be absolutely straight.

benefits of sailing

Due to this, the stiffness coming in the legs starts going away.
Practicing this burns the fat stored around the legs and waist.
This stretches the abdominal muscles, due to which toxins can be easily detoxed from your body.

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