Here are 2 yoga poses that can ease bowel movement.

Often there is a complaint of constipation due to eating disorders. Due to constipation, there is also the problem of gas, bloating and obesity. Therefore keeping the body free from constipation should be a priority. There are many yoga asanas, which provide relief from constipation. Here experts are telling that a few minutes of exercise can get rid of it. Yoga therapist Smriti tells in her Instagram post that doing 2 yoga poses every morning can provide relief from constipation (yoga poses to poop).

How do yoga exercises remove constipation

Constipation usually occurs when stool remains in the large intestine for too long. The colon absorbs a lot of water from the stool. This makes the stool hard and dry.

If you practice yoga regularly, it helps in making your bowel movement (Bowel Movement). This helps in removing constipation. Some yoga asanas work to massage the digestive system. This helps the stool to move out of the body through the intestines. Such yogasanas, in which your lower body part rotates continuously. This puts pressure on the abdominal muscles.

How to Know If You Are Constipated (Pooping)

Yoga instructor Smriti explains, ‘When you have the urge to poop at any time of the day or night, ie you have no fixed time, it means you are constipated. Pooping at any time is not normal. Also, missing a day and pooping on alternate days is also not normal. To stay healthy, it is necessary to poop within 1 hour of waking up. That’s why 1 glass after leaving the bed in the morning
Take Lukewarm Water.

Here are 2 yoga poses suggested by Smriti that can help in relieving constipation

1 Padottanasana (Padottanasana)

It also strengthens the lower part of the body. Do it lying down. During pregnancy or trying to conceive, or if you have back pain, do not do this asana.

How to do Posture

Lie down on the yoga mat.
Raise your legs up to 30 degrees.
Breathe in and hold the breath.
Hold the legs in the air for 10 seconds.
If you want, you can slowly count to 10.
In the beginning it may seem difficult to stop the feet, but it is necessary to do so.
If you find it difficult to lift both legs, then you can do it with one leg in the beginning.

restorative yoga
Lie down on a yoga mat. Raise your legs up to 30 degrees. Image: Adobe Stock

2. Supta Udarakarshanasana

It stretches the abdominal muscles and organs. This improves digestion and removes constipation. The twisting of the spinal muscles relieves tension and stiffness caused by prolonged sitting. Relaxes body and mind. Everyone can do this asana.

How to do asanas (yoga poses to poop)

Keep the hands under the head.
Fold both the legs together and rotate them to one side.
During this, turn the head to the other side.
Repeat this process on both sides.

To do this yoga, lie down on the ground. Image: Adobe Stock

Breathe when the feet stay in the middle. Exhale while turning to the side.
Do both these asanas daily for 5 rounds. If this asana is done regularly, then the complaint of constipation will gradually go away.

also remember

Along with dry foods, include healthy fat ghee, chia seeds, flax seeds in your diet. There should also be sufficient amount of water in the body. Drinking enough water helps to move stool out of the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Eat fiber, water and one fruit daily. If possible, eat one pomegranate or papaya daily.

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