Foods to boost your gut health naturally.- Always keep your gut health healthy with these 4 foods.

A healthy digestive system is very important for our overall health. It is very important for diabetes, blood pressure and weight management as well as for skin and hair health. But digestion often becomes unhealthy in summer. If you have any kind of digestive problem, then the risk of other health problems increases.

You all must know about the importance of probiotics for maintaining digestion. Probiotics promote healthy bacteria in the intestines, which keeps the digestive system healthy. There are many important food sources that increase the production of healthy bacteria in the intestines. Due to which digestive problems like gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea etc. do not bother you.

Well-known nutritionist and founder of Health Total, Anjali Mukherjee, through her Instagram post, suggests some specific food sources that promote healthy gut bacteria. So let’s know, about these foods (foods to boost gut health), how their consumption is beneficial for us.

benefits of green vegetables
Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain gut health. Image: AdobeStock

Know here about foods containing prebiotics (foods to boost gut health)

1. Leafy greens

Anjali Mukherjee explains that “Green leafy vegetables are an important prebiotics. Prebiotics are food sources of probiotics, which increase the amount of probiotics in the intestines. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain gut health. Therefore, it is necessary to consume green leafy vegetables regularly.

But how many of us are there who consume green vegetables. They are eaten once in a few months and once in a few weeks. Yes, they are not very tasty, but it is very important to include them in the diet.

She further adds, “Green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, suva, sarson choli, amlan, lettuce are an excellent source of prebiotics. You can include them in your diet in any form of raw, cooked, juice, smoothie. These vegetables contain fiber, folate, minerals and other important nutrients along with prebiotics, which are essential for digestion.

apple for gut health
Apple is the most commonly eaten fruit. Image shutterstock.

2. Apple

Apples are rich in pectin and pectin acts as a prebiotic and fiber. But your body cannot fully digest pectin. In this situation, the good bacteria in your intestines eat the pectin or use it to produce fatty acids. Thus it is of great importance for your gut health.

Apart from this, other nutrients present in them are a proper treatment for all physical problems ranging from skin. You can include them in evening snacks and morning breakfast. Along with this, serve it as a salad.

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3. Ginger

Ginger intake improves digestion. This is very important for gut bacteria. Ginger balances the gut microbiome and is effective in digestive problems. Its intake is also very important for immunity. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it are effective in the problem of nausea.

You can chew it raw, as well as make it a part of your diet in the form of salads, juices, teas, ginger water, etc.

There are many benefits of ginger
You can make them a part of your diet in the form of ginger water. Image: shutterstock

4. Consume polyphenol-rich foods

According to the study published by the National Library of Medicine, polyphenol is a plant compound, which is beneficial for health in many ways. It manages blood pressure, cholesterol levels, inflammation and oxidative stress. Apart from this, its consumption promotes healthy bacteria in the intestines and is beneficial for digestion.

Cocoa, dark chocolate, red wine, green tea, almonds, onions, blueberries, broccoli, etc. are rich in polyphenols. Regular consumption of these promotes healthy bacterial growth in the intestines and helps you stay healthy.

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