Follow these foot care tips- Follow these foot care tips.

Cracked heels are common. No doubt due to climate change. The dryness of the skin increases. The skin on your heels is harder and thicker than the rest of your body due to a lack of moisture and cell turnover. Dead skin cells accumulate. Due to lack of excessive moisture This causes cracks on the heels which cause pain. Cracked heels can be prevented with regular foot care. Massage your feet with foot cream. and protects feet from cold and dry air This problem can be solved only with proper care. Know how to care for your feet (Tips for foot care)

Foot problems can occur for many reasons, such as ill-fitting shoes, poor posture, and fatigue. and lack of regular care In addition to exercising regularly Daily foot care is also essential.

Know which tips are helpful for maintaining healthy foot skin.

1. Take care of your nails

Soaking feet in warm soapy water It will soften dead skin on your nails and heels. Nails can be easily cut using this method. Trim your nails straight. Do not cut the cuticle of the toenail. Apply the cream and gently push it back.

How to care for a pair of nails
Follow these tips for nail care. Adobe stock photo.

2. Moisturize your heels before going to bed.

After soaking your feet in warm water Gently rub your heels. With a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Wipe dry after washing. To make the skin soft Massage with foot cream.

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3. Remove dead skin

Before going to bed at night Soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes. Add a little salt and shampoo to the water before soaking. Warm water softens the dead skin on your heels. To remove dead cells Gently rub your heels. With a pumice stone or heel scrubber If there is pain, avoid using metal polishers. After washing your face, apply a good cream to your skin and massage.

4. Avoid wearing shoes all day.

Shoes should not be too tight. Due to pressure in various areas of the body continuously can cause blood circulation problems Don’t wear shoes for a long time. Keep your legs in the air as much as possible. Do not wear closed shoes in summer. Wear sandals in summer for ventilation. And keep your feet dry with talcum powder. People who walk a lot or stand for long periods of time should wear shoes with thick soles and low heels. The front should be wide enough to allow room for your toes.

Improper shoe size and proper fit can cause problems for you.
The wrong shoe size and the wrong fit can cause many problems. Photo: Shutterstock

5. Foot exercise is important.

• The best exercise is to walk barefoot on grass.

• Stand upright, feet forward and lift yourself up onto your toes. Then lower yourself back down. This makes the claws stronger.

• Bend your toes as if you are trying to pick something up off the floor with your foot.

• Spread your toes out and slowly Rotate the front of the foot.

Don’t neglect these important tips for taking care of your feet.

• Move your toes to maintain proper blood circulation.

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• Massage your feet with cream daily in cold, dry weather. In the case of dry weather Soak your feet in warm water and wear cotton socks before bed.

• Add a little olive oil or any refined oil. Pour into hot water to soak.

• Contrast baths to treat pain and swelling. Mix salt and oil in hot water and soak your feet in it. After a few minutes Soak your feet in cold water.

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