Follow these 4 tips to make your lips pink and soft. Try these 4 home remedies to get pinkish lips.

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Whether you are talking to someone, addressing a meeting or want to spread the magic of that beautiful smile of the first meeting, your lips are already curled before you. But when they start turning black due to smoking, sun burn and pollution, then the impression starts decreasing instead of increasing. If you want to make your lips soft, soft and attractive as before, then we have some solutions for you (how to make your lips soft and pink). Let’s know about them.

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Why does the color of the lips turn dark?

Apart from smoking, tobacco or medicine, other reasons can also be responsible for the change in the color of the lips. Because of which this can happen. To prevent them from getting worse, it is important that you have to give up bad habits by making changes in your lifestyle.
Dr. SS Sachan, Managing Director of Dr. Sachan Clinic, Kanpur and Senior Dermatologist, Mariampur Hospital, explains the reasons for the change in the color of the lips. They say that the change in the color of the lips comes from sun exposure, smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking cause pigmentation, which deposits pigment on the lips. Apart from this, going in the sun increases the melanin secretion of the lips. Due to both these reasons, there is a change in the color of the lips.

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Lips also need extra care

Beauty expert Akanksha Chaturvedi tells that the color of the lips can be corrected by taking some home remedies. If you want to have a different shine in your lips then for this first you have to give up alcohol and smoking. After this, the tips given below have to be followed.

Exfoliating will benefit

Akanksha explains that exfoliating is the right way to correct dark lips. For this, you have to clean your lips, so that there is no dirt left there. For this you can use lip care.
After this take cinnamon powder and mix it with sugar. Now mix both of them well and apply on the lips. After a while, clean it with tissue or cold water. Remember, do not rub too fast while applying this paste, there is a risk of bursting of your lips.

2 lemons will change color

Lemon is not only helpful in increasing the immunity of the body, but it is also beneficial for our skin. Lemon juice can be used to remove pimples in the face along with making lips pink.
For this, you have to apply lemon juice on the lips 4 to 5 times a week. When apply its juice on the lips, wash it with cold water after keeping it for five minutes. After this apply some moisturizer. So that the lips do not dry.

3 Drink More Water

To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to drink more water. Water can prove to be helpful in keeping the lips pink as well. Due to being thirsty for a long time, your lips also become victims of dehydration. Being dehydrated can change the color of your lips. Increase water intake by not drinking alcohol, coffee, tea or smoking, drink plenty of water. Water keeps the lips moisturized.

coconut oil hair mask
Coconut oil is beneficial for lips. Image: shutterstock

4 Use of coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to make lips pink. Coconut oil makes lips soft and changes color. This oil contains fatty acids, which keep the lips healthy and hydrated. With its continuous use, the lips also remain pink, and dryness also does not come. It can be saved from the effect of dangerous sunlight.

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