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Along with health, figs also work to nourish the hair. Figs, which have made their mark as a superfood for hair, are found in vitamins, minerals, magnesium and potassium. Antioxidant-rich figs can be mixed with many foods and applied to the hair on the face (fig hair benefits). Aloe vera, when applied in combination with honey, lemon, glycerin and coffee, strengthens the hair follicles.

Fig seed oil strengthens the hair roots. It acts as a natural hair moisturizer for the hair. With its help, frizzy, dry and breaking hair starts to look smooth again. If you want, you can apply a few drops directly on the hair. Otherwise, it can be applied by mixing it with any hair cream or serum.

First let’s know the benefits of figs

1. Beneficial in increasing collagen

Vitamin C protects our hair from breakage and dryness. Figs rich in vitamins work to provide nourishment to the hair. Vitamin C, E and magnesium present in it take full care of hair health.

Fig hair benefits
Figs act as a natural hair moisturizer for the hair. images adobe stock

2. Reduce white hair

The copper present in it works to reduce the aging effect on the hair. Apart from this, it works to provide natural color to the hair. By applying it on the hair or eating it, the deficiency of nutritious elements in the body is fulfilled.
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3. Increase hair growth

The vitamins present in it prove beneficial for hair growth. At the same time, it also works to keep the scalp free from dandruff. Apart from this, the fall of dry hair stops. Actually, fig water and hairpack act as a conditioner for the hair. With their help, most of the problems related to hair are solved.

How to make fig hair pack for smooth hair

1. Fig oil, curd and gram flour pack

To make a hair pack for hair, add equal amount of gram flour in two tablespoons of curd. Now add one spoon of fig oil to this mixture. Apply this mixture on hair before washing hair. Leave it on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash the hair.

2. Fig water and honey

Soak 5 to 6 figs in water overnight. After eating figs in the morning, mix one spoon of honey in that water. Now apply it in the hair. Keep it on the hair for about an hour and then wash the hair. By applying it every week, the problem of split ends and hair fall starts reducing automatically.

fig oil benefits
The vitamins present in figs are beneficial for hair growth and protect the scalp from dandruff. images adobe stock

3. Curd, honey and egg pack

To make this, blend the figs. After that add curd, honey and egg yolk to it. Now divide the hair and apply it on the hair. Wash hair after two hours of applying it. Due to this, the dryness present in the hair starts to go away. Actually, the protein present in the egg makes our hair healthy.

4. Aloe vera, fig oil and coconut oil

Mix aloe vera gel with a few drops of fig oil and coconut oil and apply on the hair. Leave it on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash the hair with normal water. If you want, you can apply mild shampoo on the hair. You can apply it on hair twice a week.

5. Curd, honey and rose water

After soaking figs overnight, peel them and blend them. After that add curd, honey and rose water to it. Now bring this mixture in the form of a paste. After that apply it on the scalp with the fingers of both the hands. After applying it on the hair, leave it for 30 minutes. Apply mild shampoo after washing hair. This will make the hair healthy and soft.

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