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In case of non-availability of normal delivery, cesarean i.e. C-section delivery is chosen as an alternative for the birth of the child. Under a surgical procedure, a child is born by making a cut in the abdomen and uters of a mother. A 2021 research by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that this is a process that is quite common these days. Worldwide, one or more out of every five babies are being born through a C-section procedure. But after C section many physical problems have to be faced. Because of which you have to take a lot of precaution for some days. Similar precaution is also necessary in the context of workout. If you are a fitness freak, and have delivered by C section, then know how you can start workout and weight loss.weight loss after c section,

Things to keep in mind after C section

However, it takes time for body recovery. But after delivery, where the new mom’s focus is on the baby, she also starts taking steps towards reducing the weight. In this regard, experts say that it is not advisable to start exercising immediately after a C-section delivery.

Fitness coach Sohrab Khushrushahi says that a new mother’s body goes through a beautiful yet painful experience during delivery. Thinking about your health, you should move slowly in this journey. He says don’t be hard on yourself to get a fit body after a C-section delivery.

Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any kind of training. If you want to start after 8 to 10 weeks after a cesarean birth, take it slow. First the focus needs to be on core recovery and pelvic floor work. Breathing exercise plays an important role in weight loss germi. For this you have to fix goals for every day.

Start your workout and weight loss journey with these small steps

By squatting, you have to offer during delivery
Stretch as much as possible. Start small. Image: shutterstock

1. Squats

By doing squats, the body gets strength. While doing this, all the muscles of your leg are involved. Bodyweight squats are a great way to get back in form. Once you get back in form, you can add more weight.

do squats like this

Broaden your shoulders while doing squats.

Keep in mind that your feet are kept firmly on the ground. When you do squats, at that time the entire weight is put on the feet. This stretches the muscles of the legs.

Squeezing the butts, stick the feet to the ground.

The shoulders and upper back should be straight.

The wrist should also be straight and keep both the arms on each other by bending your elbows.

Do not bend your knees at first as you start. This can cause knee pain problems.

Extend the hands forward and then bend the knees. After this, move your hips backwards.

2. Bent over rows

This forward bending exercise helps your body perform bodyweight pull-ups. This is a challenging exercise.

how to do bant over rose

Keep your feet wider than shoulder width and keep the knees flexible.

Thrust your thighs forward and keep your eyes focused on the floor a short distance ahead of your feet.

Pull the dumbbells from the bottom up and carefully move your elbows and wrists back and forth.

Tilt your shoulders while lifting the weight. But don’t swing your body and hyperextend your neck.

3 Shoulder press

Shoulder strength is very important for the body. Many people ignore the strength of their shoulders. According to experts, this increases the chances of injury.

Shoulder press Before doing this exercise, know that your feet should be completely resting on the ground.

After this, due to the pressure coming on the shoulder, keep a little distance between the feet and hold the dumbbell firmly.

Keep the abs tight during this exercise. Keep in mind that while lifting the dumbbell, do not lean backward.

do effective exercise at home
Do effective exercises at home. Image: shutterstock

4. Farmer’s carry

This form strengthens your whole body.

This strengthens your grip and provides stability. Along with this, the balance of the body improves.

How to Carry Farms

Stand straight with a gap between your legs and straighten your arms.

Now sit down and lift the weight and hold it with both the hands.

This gives strength to the shoulders.

Now go ahead and start walking. Keep in mind that keep your head up and walk straight.

In this form, keep the shoulders back.

Do this exercise according to your physical ability.

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