Enlarged Pores, How To Deal With Them?




Enlarged Pores, How To Deal With Them?


Large pores are facial pores that are larger than normal. It is caused by the enlarged sebaceous glands under the skin. Or abnormal structure of the hair under the skin The skin around large pores will not change, become inflamed, or harden in any way.

Large pores often occur on the face, cheeks, forehead, above the mouth, the outer ear, or along the body. Such as the back . The size and width of the follicle often depends on hormone levels. especially the estrogen hormone It is most common in middle-aged adults. Enlarged pores may be associated with acne as enlarged pores are caused by the enlargement of the sebaceous glands. When there is more fat, there is a tendency to cause acne.


Although enlarged pores are just a symptom that appears on the skin. and did not cause pain. But it can also cause anxiety and insecurity in people who are experiencing this condition. So many people are trying to find a remedy to deal with this problem. However, taking care of large pores should be the right way. always under the advice of doctors and specialists

Causes of enlarged pores

There is a concept that clogged pores or infection. will stimulate the appearance of large pores This is because there is an inflammatory process of the tissues that is similar to the formation of acne cysts. which may cause traces and scars on the skin, however, although people with large pores often have a history of or are having severe acne But the cause of enlarged pores is still unknown. It can be caused by heredity. or ethnicity. For example, some studies have found that Brazilian women have larger pores than Chinese women.


Enlarged pores, can it be treated?

At present, there is no specific medical method for treating enlarged pores. Because large pores cannot be completely cured, but what can be done is to take care of the enlarged pores to look smaller.


Treatment of the surface area such as electrocautery. (Electrodesiccation) Hijacking tissue with chemicals or heat. (Cauterization) to make tissues stick together. (Coagulation) to scrub the skin to the dermis layer. (Dermabrasion) or even doing skin laser With carbon dioxide laser (Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery), it has very little therapeutic effect. Because large pores often occur in the deeper layers of the skin.


Guidelines for dealing with large pores


Although it has not been conclusively proven that acne is associated with large pores. But there is a tendency to correlation between them. Including other factors that cause acne or problems on the face and skin in various areas as well, so taking care of and reducing the chances of having large pores It may be done by taking care of the face and skin in general. Do not face the risk that will lead to large pores problems in the future, such as


facial cleansing


Should wash your face with warm water and choose to use facial cleansing products that care for the skin. Or there may be a mixture of oil about 1-2 times a day, do not wash your face often and avoid facial scrubbing. To prevent dry and damaged facial skin, facial cleansing helps reduce dirt clogging in the pores and is one solution that helps prevent enlarged or enlarged pores. But it’s a temporary method. Depending on the natural skin condition of the individual as well People with oily skin are more prone to facial skin problems due to clogging of oil and dirt.


skin care and makeup


Choose skin care products that moisturize your skin to prevent dry skin. Also known as Moyse Riser. Those with oily skin should choose products that do not contain oil. makeup Some people use cosmetics to cover large pores and traces on the face. The choice of cosmetics also affects the skin condition of the face. Therefore, you should choose creams, foundations and cosmetics that have a standard quality and have a label that says non-comedogenic Or do not cause clogged acne itself.


Examples of using products for people with large pores are:

  • Use products that contain retinoids (Retinoids), which are derivatives of vitamin A. It will help prevent clogging in the pores. make pores look smaller And it also affects the treatment of acne.
  • Use products containing zinc and magnesium. to help maintain the oil balance of the skin and make the pores look smaller
  • Use products that contain substances that are gentle on the skin, such as lavender or rosemary, that help reduce skin irritation. and prevent enlarged pores
  • Prevent and treat acne with products that contain oil-controlling and bacteria-fighting agents like benzoyl peroxide and exfoliating agents like salicylic acid. )
  • Choose to use quality cosmetics or products that meet standards and are specified that do not cause clogged acne.


spot treatment


Even those with dry skin tend to have larger, but less visible pores. While those with oily skin tend to have larger and more noticeable pores, however, each person’s facial skin is prone to oiliness. Causing some points to see large pores more clearly than other areas, so may use specific facial masks or creams To increase the smoothness and uniformity of the facial skin, such as nose masks, cheeks, forehead masks, left for the time specified on the label of each product. Then rinse with clean water. In addition, it can be used to clean the face with oily blotting paper during the day. To reduce oiliness on the face, which will lead to clogging and inflammation of the facial skin in the future


cope with the sun


Although sunlight plays a role in the synthesis of vitamin D that is beneficial to the body. But overexposure to the sun can diminish the softness of your skin and turn it into dry skin. And make the pores wider The more the weather in Thailand is a country in the hot and humid zone. The more Thai people are exposed to sunlight and heat that damages the skin. Therefore, every day should apply sunscreen or use products that specify SPF 30 at least, wear clothing that covers the skin. Or wear a wide-brimmed hat when out in the sun. And avoid exposing yourself to the sun during times when the sun is bright, such as between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


eat healthy food


Avoid eating high-fat foods or unhealthy snacks. Because it can cause fat accumulation that causes the skin to become clogged or inflamed. Should eat nutritious food in the right amount. By focusing on eating foods that are low in fat. useful snacks Made from natural ingredients that do not add impurities. and foods such as fruits and vegetables


Do not sleep while wearing makeup.


You should wash your face thoroughly and wash off all your makeup every time before going to bed. Be careful not to sleep with makeup on. Because it will cause the pores to become clogged with oil and dirt.


Side effects of large pore treatment


Although no life-threatening side effects have been reported. But efforts to treat large pores may lead to sepsis or the occurrence of scars. The most common case is that the hair follicle becomes clogged until it becomes inflamed and infects the nearby tissues as well. And due to the treatment or various procedures. There may be mistakes or side effects that cause scars on the skin. Or there are new large pores from the remaining original tissue. So if you are facing the problem of large pores Should study the treatment guidelines for facial skin care well before choosing a treatment that may be high-risk.