DIY hacks to get rid of tanned lips.- These tips will help in protecting lips from sunburn.

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You all would know about sun tanning and sunburn on the skin due to scorching smoke and heat and most of you must have been a victim of it in summer. But do you know that sunburn can also occur on the lips in summer. Direct exposure to the harmful rays of the sun has a negative effect on the health of the lips. If your lips are also sore after coming from outside, then you may have been a victim of sunburn.

We have talked enough about skin care. So today the care of lips will be discussed. Will know how to cure Lips Sunburn. Along with this, we will know the symptoms seen in lip sunburn (how to get rid of tanned lips).

These special home remedies will be useful in Lips Sunburn

1. Aloe vera

Cooling property is found in Aloe vera. According to the National Library of Medicine, it works effectively in relieving irritation. The natural healing property of aloe vera makes it more special. Instead of the aloe vera gel bought from the market, take out the gel from fresh leaves and apply it on the lips, keep it for a while and then clean it with water.

It is necessary to avoid sunburn
They do not have any kind of side effects. Image: shutterstock

2. Hydrating Lip Balm

Usually we use market bought lip balm. But many chemicals are used to make them, which can be harmful for the lips. Also, fragrance is present in them, which can leave side effects on the lips during sunburn.

To moisturize the lips, you can use homemade hydrating lip balm such as shea butter, vitamin E, castor oil, coconut oil, ghee, etc., as suggested by Pub Med Central. They do not have any kind of side effects.

3. Cold Compress

With the help of cold compress, swelling and irritation on the lips can be reduced. When sunburned, regularly compress your lips with ice. Do not apply ice directly on the lips. Put ice in a cloth and compress it with light hands. After compressing, apply aloe vera gel or any other hydrating lip balm on the lips.

4. Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

According to the study published by the National Library of Medicine, shea butter is considered very effective in providing adequate moisture to the lips as well as other problems related to the lips. It is used to make all the lip balms available in the market. But if you want, you can prepare lip balm at home using it.

Apart from this, using olive oil and coconut oil would also be a great option. Their properties provide relief from irritation and swelling along with reducing the infection on the lips. Also, it helps dry lips to stay soft for a long time.

Dry ips is the cause of lip biting.
Dry lips can be dangerous. Image: shutterstock

Now know how to protect lips from sunburn

1. Lip SPF

You don’t need to apply body and face SPF to your lips. There are many such lip balms in the market, in which sunscreens are already present. Use them and protect your lips from the effects of the harmful rays of the sun.

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2. Hat or scarf will help

Must wear a hat before going in contact with the sun’s rays. Or if possible, while covering your skin with a scarf, do not forget to cover your lips as well. By doing this, your lips will not come in contact with the sun’s rays and will not cause sunburn.

  Prabhaav on skin
Take extra care after exposure to the sun’s rays. Image: shutterstock

3. After Sun Care

If you have to come in contact with the sun’s rays for some important work, or you want to enjoy sunlight, then it is very important to prepare yourself for sunlight as well as take after sun care.

Come back after enjoying the sunlight and take a shower after waiting for 15 to 20 minutes. After that moisturize your skin properly then apply aloe vera gel, shea butter, other hydrating lip balm on the lips. If your lips are even slightly affected, this will provide instant relief to them.

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