causes of arm fat and tips to control it

Increasing weight has become a common problem nowadays. In such a situation, people pay attention to all the parts of the body, but somewhere they ignore their arms. Fat deposited on the arm does not look good at all. Now whether the arm is too thin or too thick, it doesn’t look right either way. The sleeve size spoils the fitting of your favorite clothes. Have you ever noticed that what is the reason for the increasing fat of the arms? If not, then we will tell the reason for the increasing fat around the arm (causes of arm fat) as well as know how to maintain it.

Know what causes extra fat in the arms

1. Genetics can be responsible for this

Sometimes your body shape remains perfect, but extra fat starts appearing in your arms. What is the reason behind this? One of the biggest reasons for this could be genetics. Many people genetically have a problem with fat distribution in the body, due to which extra fat accumulates in the upper part of the arm.

lose arm fat
Due to less activity, fat gets deposited on the shoulders and arms. It can be finished with Yogasana. Image: shutterstock

2. Body fat also has an effect

The effect of increasing body weight is also visible on the upper part of the arm, your lifestyle is responsible for the increasing weight. If your food and lifestyle habits are kept healthy then it becomes easy to control body weight and when there is body weight control then there is a difference in the fat stored on the arm.

3. Growing age is also a reason for this

With increasing age, the metabolic rate of the body starts slowing down. Also, you are not physically active as before, due to which the fat storage in the body increases and it can be seen on your arms as well. Along with this, if the level of testosterone in your body is very low, then it triggers fat storage in the arms. With increasing age, the body reduces the production of testosterone, which is the reason why after an age, the arms start getting thicker.

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4. Having loose skin

Skin has elasticity, if your skin is too loose and lacks elasticity then your upper arm looks saggy and plump. Due to lack of elasticity, the body stretches and expands. Loose skin is a major reason for the appearance of thick arms.

Reduce extra fat stored on arms with these effective exercises

1. Scissor arm exercise

It activates the muscles of the entire arm, especially the shoulder. Regular practice of this reduces the fat deposited on the muscles of the arms and also releases the tension of the arms.

Do Caesar arm exercise like this

Spread the mat on the floor and stand straight by separating both your legs.

Keep both your hands in front and absolutely straight, then move both your hands down from the shoulder on top of each other, just like Caesar moves.

Repeat this at least 15 to 20 times.

Dips ke saath kam kam kam kam
Cut the fat with dips. Image: shutterstock

2. Tricep Dips

This exercise will help in reducing the extra fat accumulated on it along with giving the right shape to the muscles of your arms. Practice it regularly for proper results.

How to do tricep dips

Get a bench or chair that is at least 2 to 3 feet high from the floor.

Sit up straight at the edge of the bench and place your arms at the sides or behind you.

The distance between the arms should be equal to the width of your shoulders.

Now, keeping your back in a straight position, bend your elbows and slowly lower your body down the bench.

Push through your arms and lower your body down.

Stay in this position and take a deep breath. Then straighten your arms again and lift your body up.

Do at least 3 to 4 sets of 20-20.

Tricep leads
With these triceps exercises, you can get rid of the chubby fat on your arms. Image: shutterstock

3. Biceps Curl

This exercise works the muscles on the front of your arms. Which we usually call biceps. You will need a set of dumbbells to perform this exercise.

Do biceps curl like this

Be straight and keep both your feet apart from each other and do not keep your knees too tight.

Now hold dumbbells in your palms, while exhaling raise the dumbbells upwards.

Raise the dumbbells to your shoulders, then hold for a few seconds and lower your hands.

Do at least 2 sets of 10-10 biceps curls.

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