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Benefits Of Warm Water And Health Effects

Benefits Of Warm Water
Benefits Of Warm Water

Benefits Of Warm Water And Health Effects

In the olden days people said that drinking warm water was good for health. But countries with extremely hot weather like Thailand Drinking warm water or taking a hot shower might not be to everyone’s liking. In fact, there is a ton of scientific evidence that warm water may be healthier than you think. 

Warm water is water whose temperature is higher than the body. When we drink warm water or take a warm shower, it raises the body temperature. The body’s mechanisms respond to heat and make changes that may improve health, such as increasing blood flow. relieve stress And reduce muscle pain, etc. Sometimes warm or hot water may result in subsequent health problems. Let’s see how good warm water affects our body ?


Warm water and health benefits

Drinking and taking a warm bath can have some health benefits, including:


1. Relax muscles and stress.


in living each day The human body is exposed to both the psychological effects of stress and the physical effects of fatigue. These two factors are linked. because stress can result in physical fatigue At the same time, fatigue can cause stress as well.

A warm shower may help relieve both stress and fatigue at the same time, as warm water increases body temperature. Resulting in better blood flow thus relaxing the muscles and relieving fatigue For its stress-relieving properties  , skin experts point out that The heat from a hot shower stimulates the brain to release a chemical called endorphin. This chemical or hormone is known as the happy hormone and is thought to be the pain reliever of rheumatoid arthritis. nature Taking a warm bath is like a way to help relieve both mental stress and fatigue from using the muscles.


2. Helps to get rid of dirt on the skin.


As you know, Thailand has hot and humid weather all year round. Travel and daily activities Causing us to be exposed to heat and dirt. causing the skin to produce more oil Especially around the pores, if dirt, dust, smoke or sweat gets into the pores, it may clog and cause skin problems.

Bathing is a way to help wash away these impurities. Bathing with lukewarm water may increase the cleaning efficiency. Because the heat will cause the grease to come off the skin better. Stimulates hair follicles to open Allows water and soap to clean more thoroughly.


3. Reduce nasal congestion and dry nasal passages


Anyone who is allergic to air or has a cold often has nasal congestion and dry, burning nasal passages from blowing nose or nasal decongestants on a regular basis. Warm water may relieve these symptoms. Because inhalation of steam from warm or hot water Whether from boiling water drinking warm water Taking a warm shower will help reduce the viscosity of the mucus that accumulates in the nasal passages. Reduce swelling and inflammation of tissues in the nasal cavity This clears the nose and makes it easier to breathe. The moisture from the steam also increases the moisture in the nasal cavity. Therefore, it can relieve the symptoms of dry and burning nasal passages.


4. Good for Heart and Body


Higher body temperature often results in better blood flow. In which the blood contains oxygen and nutrients that are essential for the functioning of the cells within the body. If the blood flows well, the cells will receive enough oxygen and nutrients and function normally.

Drinking warm water and taking a warm bath will help your circulatory system work better. It may therefore help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because heart disease patients often have arteries that are stiff, constricted, constricted, and unhealthy for various reasons. Increased body temperature and blood flow will help expand these blood vessels to make them more flexible and allow the heart to pump blood better. This may help reduce your risk of heart disease.


5. Improve sleep quality


Getting enough and quality sleep will result in good health and disease-free. Many studies have shown that stress is a barrier to quality sleep. People with accumulated stress or chronic stress may have sleep problems. Therefore, to reduce stress and increase sleep quality. Taking a warm bath to relieve stress and fatigue. Alternatively, having a warm drink before bed may help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep.


In addition, drinking water, whether warm water. room temperature water Or cold water may help enhance body functions in other areas, such as preventing dehydration,  improving digestion efficiency. Helps to get full faster and increase metabolism. stimulate excretion Relieve constipation, etc.


Effects of hot water on health


Although warm water has many health benefits. But it is undeniable that warm water may also have negative effects on health. If you shower or soak in warm water that is too high and too frequent, it can cause dry skin, weakness, sunburn and subsequent skin problems. Especially in people with skin diseases and sensitive skin  , as well as those with congenital disease or are pregnant. Taking a warm or hot shower can also be dangerous.


For people who like to drink warm water Should observe the temperature of the water to drink carefully because drinking very hot water may scald the tongue. causing ulcers in the mouth that result in a temporary distortion of taste And should avoid drinking warm water in hot weather or drinking after exercise. because it may increase the risk of abnormally high body temperature

At this point, it may be concluded that warm water is beneficial to health, no less. whether to the body internally or externally Just choose the right heat level. either drinking water or taking a shower to prevent potential health effects




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