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Benefits of walking during pregnancy| healthcareonline

Swelling, weight gain, or cramps are some ailments that you can avoid during pregnancy if you go for daily walks and strengthen your leg muscles.

insomnia Illness Sciatica or bloating is a common ailment that women experience during pregnancy. But today there are many natural remedies that can help you avoid these discomforts and prepare for childbirth as much as possible. Additionally, you must follow a healthy diet and follow doctor’s advice.

Benefits of walking during pregnancy

We have heard more than once that exercise is a very beneficial practice for pregnant women. Although there are many different theories, the one that stands out the most and above all is the most prevalent one. of walking. and simple exercise This complements the nine-month period in which a woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth. But what will these benefits be?

Reduce weight gain and cramps

The first benefit that long walks provide during pregnancy is not gaining more weight than necessary. It is true that while a person is in a state Hunger will multiply as they will have to eat food for two people. This is because babies also need to be fed in order to stay in shape.

Daily walking during pregnancy improves blood circulation.Daily walking during pregnancy improves blood circulation.

But one of the inconveniences is the famous cravings that future mothers will have to cope with, and often they will not be able to resist falling into temptation. Therefore, when walking every day, leg muscles will be reinforced And in addition to keeping in shape It also helps prevent annoying cramps that can make this important time much more difficult during childbirth.

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Avoid suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes.

Only if the doctor recommends complete rest. Walking is beneficial for pregnant women as this exercise helps in curing diseases such as: High blood pressure or diabetesAdditionally, keeping your leg muscles in shape will help prevent swelling in your legs and ankles.

improve circulation

If from the beginning the future mother begins with a daily or weekly walking routine, You’ll see how it goes. Conducive to circulation. This element is important because this improvement allows the baby to receive a greater proportion of oxygen and nutrients.

Exercise helps prevent swelling in the legs and ankles.Exercise helps prevent swelling in the legs and ankles.

Reduce the risk of suffering from sciatica.

Another factor that is beneficial to walking during 9 months of fetal life is the avoidance of many discomforts that a pregnant woman may experience during this period. As in this case, Sciatica.

avoid depression

Additionally, walking outdoors can help clear the minds of those who feel overwhelmed at any time. and will prevent them from entering negative or depressed state.

This habit must be coupled with eating a healthy diet and strictly following what the doctor recommends so that both mother and baby are at minimal risk.

Walking outdoors clears your mind and eliminates feelings of overwhelm.Walking outdoors clears your mind and eliminates feelings of overwhelm.

This exercise not only gives good results during the time the fetus is inside the woman. After birth It is also very useful. This is because you can more easily restore your original skin tone and weight. It also helps you return to your normal sports routine with less effort.

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What walking routine can I do?

It must be taken into account that pregnant women will not be able to exercise like everyone else. They must follow certain criteria. Especially if you’re new to regular exercise:

The best clothing for walking is loose clothing. and comfortable shoesThe best clothing for walking is loose clothing. and comfortable shoes
  1. The most recommended thing for those who want to get in shape during this month is to walk a bit. 30 minutes Quickly, those who have exercised before can add about 60 minutes to their time.
  2. It will increase until it reaches one hour Two weeks after starting this exercise routine
  3. The more days you walk, the better. But if not, do just a little. four days One week is ok
  4. The best clothes will be Loose clothing and comfortable shoes That allows you to walk without causing any inconvenience.
  5. We must be careful and cautious according to the principles. time of year Where we find ourselves being extremely cold or extremely hot is not good for the pregnant woman or the baby. Therefore, it is recommended to go outside after eating in winter and in the morning in summer.
  6. You should pay attention The area you walk through So that neither the woman nor the baby is in danger. You’ll need to pay attention to the floor so you don’t trip and there aren’t any injuries that injure both of you.
Walking during pregnancy helps reduce weight gain.Walking during pregnancy helps reduce weight gain.

Each of these steps They are instructions.But it is not a matter of doing it because every body is different and progress in each body will proceed differently as well. It must be taken into account that this exercise is performed so that the mother suffers as little as possible during pregnancy and the baby is properly shaped.

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