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Women are very serious about their fitness. To take care of everything from obesity to period pain, women resort to various types of yoga and exercises. Actually, many problems are related to the stomach. If they are not remedied in time, they can also take the form of serious illness. Nauka Sanchalanasana is an excellent way to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Avoid doing this yogasana during periods. Like rowing a boat, doing this asana, which is done by tilting the body forward, gives many benefits. Know, the way to do it and the measures related to it.

boat steering

By doing Naukasana made by mixing boat and asana, blood circulation starts increasing in the whole body. This brings out all the toxins present in the body. Sitting on the ground, the body is moved like a boat. By making fists of both the hands and moving the hands back and forth, the whole body moves forward and backward. This gives many benefits to the body. Know its benefits and how to do it.

Benefits of Nauka Sanchalanasana i.e. Rowing the Boat Pose

improve digestive system

While doing this asana, the abdominal muscles start to stretch. The body is completely stretched, due to which the improvement in digestion is visible. This gives relief from acidity and other diseases including gastro-intestinal.

Know how yoga helps in weight loss. Image: shuttercock

regulates periods

The problem of pen and irregular periods occurring in periods goes away. Continuous yoga practice works to balance hormones. Along with this, the problems arising in the body go away automatically.

Helpful in muscle building

The muscles in the body start getting stronger. By doing this, the muscles of the back, shoulders and legs become strong. It also gives relief from cramps in the body parts. Due to this, stretch is felt in the ham string and spine.

remove energy blocks

By doing Yogasana, the stifles and blockages coming from place to place in the body start going away automatically. Apart from this, you can also improve the flow of energy in the body through meditation.

It is also helpful in post natal recovery

Post Natal Yoga works to make the body healthy once again. Apart from this, it keeps the balance of the body. Naukayanasan brings back the lost energy in the body.

benefits of boat ride
Nauka Sanchalanasana is an excellent way to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Image: AdobeStock

how to steer a boat

To do this yoga, sit on the mat by spreading both the legs. After this, move your hands forward in the manner of rowing a boat.

Now make fists of your palms and take a deep breath and feel like you are rowing a boat. Exhale and bend forward from the hips, straightening the arms.

Breathe in again and try to bend forward again as far as possible, bringing the hands towards the shoulders. Exhale again and bend forward from the hips.

Keep the legs very straight during this yoga asana. Do 10.15 rounds of this and then reverse it as well.

Do not do this posture in these circumstances

If you are a victim of low blood pressure, avoid doing this simple exercise.

If there is pain in the lower back all the time, then refrain from doing this yoga. Actually, by doing this, a stretch is felt on the lower back.

Do not do this asana after any abdominal surgery. This causes stretching of the abdominal muscles.

Do not do this asana in case of headache or migraine. Actually, this increases the blood flow in the body. This may increase the headache.

If you are pregnant, going through menstruation, then do not do this yoga.

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