Antibodies can be responsible for fat deposition in your body.- Antibodies can also be responsible for increasing fat in your body.

Obesity is one of the most challenging health problems. Due to this, there can be problems like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Level, Heart Problems, Joint Pain. Obesity can also affect our immune system. It can slow down the process of making antibodies.

Antibodies are formed in the body after taking the vaccine of a disease. Obesity (Fat Deposition) can also affect the production and function of antibodies. Overall there is a connection between antibodies and fat. Fitness expert Rashika Chowdhary is telling about this in detail in her Instagram post.

Notice of excess calorie gain

According to Rashika Chaudhary, sometimes you make many efforts to reduce stubborn fat, but it seems impossible for you to remove them. This means that the amount of antibodies in your body has increased. Your body should be more in relax mode.

aane vajan badhne ka karan
The body gains more calories than it needs. Image: shutterstock

This gives your brain the more safety signals it needs. This will let the brain know that you are consuming more calories than required. You are not on a calorie restricted diet. If you’re battling stubborn fat, it’s time to get your antibodies tested.

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How obesity affects antibodies (antibodies and fat connection)

Antibodies make reducing obesity challenging. Once established, it is difficult to reverse. Actually, antibodies are an important mediator and factor of the immune system.

On the other hand, obesity represents a condition in which various biological and homeostatic processes, such as regeneration, energy balance and neuroendocrine function, are impaired or affected. Weight and fat make their new set up in the body according to neuroendocrine.

understand obesity

Obesity occurs when there is abnormal fat deposition. This usually happens as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. In this, energy gain is more than energy loss. This can lead to various types of health risks. Due to inflammatory properties, it also starts affecting anti body production.

what is antibody

Antibodies are also known as immunoglobulins. It is a large and Y-shaped protein, which is produced by the immune system. With its help, foreign objects such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses are identified and neutralized.

In fact the antibody recognizes a different molecule of the pathogen, which is called an antigen. Antibody proteins protect us from different types of diseases. Antibodies released from the immune system bind to unwanted substances to clear them out of the system.

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When metabolism is activated, the process of fat reduction starts happening naturally. Image: shutterstock

metabolism gets affected

Several studies confirm that blocking certain anti-body activin type 2 receptors results in significant reductions in fat mass. It also increases lean mass and improves a range of metabolic biomarkers. When metabolism is activated, the process of fat reduction starts happening naturally.

Harvard Health’s research emphasizes that if you are fasting for a long time to lose weight, then it also has a bad effect on your anti body. Prolonged fasting can lead to regeneration of cells of the immune system. When we start fasting, initially the body breaks down many of the immune cells that fight the white blood cells. It weakens the immune system of the body.

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