All about collagen treatment for hair Know everything about collagen treatment for hair.

A little more attention needs to be paid to the hair during the colder days. Because the weather affects the hair more in the evening than in the summer. Therefore, your hair care routine is also different from your summer routine. Experts say collagen treatments are best for winter hair. Let’s see how this collagen treatment works.

Besides the body I also have to withstand harsh weather conditions. in cold weather The hair becomes dry and lifeless along with the body. Hair is starting to get tangled. Dandruff and dandruff problems occur. The weather also affects the scalp. Therefore, during cold weather days The scalp therefore becomes a victim of fungal infections. Nowadays, experts recommend treating your hair with collagen. Please tell us about this special treatment and its benefits.

Why is my hair dry and lifeless in winter?

In winter, the level of humidity and humidity in the air decreases. It also helps remove moisture from the hair. Hair starts to look dry instead of soft. Dry scalp causes dandruff problems. Due to the cold weather in winter So we start to neglect cleaning our hair. Because of this, the fear of fungal infection has greatly increased.

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What is hair collagen?

Collagen helps in the primary production of skin, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. and other connective tissues of the body. It is also found in the lining of organs, blood vessels, and the intestines. Proteins are made from amino acids. Collagen is also a protein. The main amino acids that make it up are proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline.

How does collagen work on the hair?

Collagen works with hyaluronic acid to support. Moisturize and nourishes the skin and scalp This creates a conducive environment for new hair to grow. Collagen also helps blood vessels, which promotes better nutrient flow to the hair follicles. Therefore providing moisture to the hair.

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Why is collagen treatment necessary in winter?

Hair loses moisture during the winter. Because flexibility is also reduced. The chance of hair falling out is increased. Collagen acts on the hair follicles (Collagen hair treatment) and helps make the hair follicles stronger. Improves overall flexibility and quality Your hair will be stronger and healthier than before.

A hair dryer can give your hair extra bounce.
Collagen works on the hair follicles and strengthens them. Shutterstock image.

How long does collagen hair treatment last (Collagen hair treatment in winter)?

The best keratin smoothing collagen treatment (Collagen hair treatment) Apply keratin collagen on the hair. Nourish your hair this way. Then comb thoroughly. Leave it on for about 5 minutes or so. You can also use the straightener without washing your hair until it is smooth and shiny. Note here: Leave it on your hair for 1-2 days. Do not clean your hair until then. This may take approximately 3 months.

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You can wash your hair immediately after the treatment. (Can I wash my hair after collagen treatment)?

If you’re doing the treatment at home, you should wait 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair. What you should know is that Do not use professional stylers with high temperatures to seal the keratin faster.

Too much collagen can damage your hair. (Side effects of hair treatment with collagen) Really?

Collagen cannot cause hair loss. No side effects (Collagen hair treatment) If you are losing your hair, it may be a sign of a more serious problem.

Collagen hair treatment is hindered in winter.
Collagen cannot cause hair loss. Photo: Shutterstock

You can wash your hair immediately after the treatment. (Clean hair after collagen treatment)

If you’re doing the treatment at home, you should wait 48 to 72 hours before washing your hair. The point that must be noted is To turn off the keratin (collagen hair treatment) faster. Never use professional hair styling tools with high temperatures.

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