6 ways to lose weight with coffee

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Coffee acting as a mood booster keeps our body active throughout the day. Coffee drink that increases metabolism is also helpful in weight loss.coffee to lose weightProves However, excessive intake of coffee can cause problems like anxiety, fatigue and increased heart rate in the body. According to NCBI, if you weigh 150 pounds, you can drink 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day. Excessive coffee also works to harm your body.

According to NCBI, the right time to consume caffeine is 60 minutes before exercise. You can start exercising up to an hour earlier by consuming caffeine chewing gum than with caffeine capsules. Coffee also works to improve our physical performance during exercise.

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Regarding this, Dietician Kajal Aggarwal, Founder of Dietician Kajal Health App, says that coffee works to increase metabolism in the body. Apart from this, if you mix it with some healthy calorie deficient food, then it will prove helpful in weight loss.

Drinking these 6 types of coffee can speed up your weight loss journey

1. Black Coffee

Black coffee rich in antioxidants is calorie free. According to experts, the caffeine from coffee proves helpful in weight loss. They say that when we start adding sugar, creamer and other things according to the swai in coffee, then calories start increasing. If you are on a weightloss journey, black coffee is a beneficial option. If you are a patient of blood pressure, then take it only after consulting the doctor.

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2. Protein Coffee

Most people who like coffee use protein powder to add flavor to it. Simply adding protein powder to coffee makes a difference in taste, texture and quality. If you choose coffee for weight loss, then in this way your body also starts getting protein. With this, your body remains active throughout the day. Actually, with the help of protein, muscles start building. Also, it reduces body fat.

3. Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon has natural sweetness. Also, using a pinch of it increases metabolism. A study by the University of Michigan Life Sciences found that adding cinnamon to coffee helps burn fat in the body.

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Know how cinnamon milk is beneficial for women. Image: shutterstock

4. Turmeric Coffee

If you mix half a teaspoon of raw turmeric in a cup of coffee, it increases the nutritional level of the coffee. The curcumin found in it also proves helpful in weight loss. Apart from this, turmeric also works to remove inflammation in the body.

5. Cocoa Coffee

Adding a scoop of cocoa powder makes the flavor of the coffee much richer and better. This element rich in lots of anti-oxidants also helps in weight reduction. According to the National Library of Medicine, cocoa ie dark chocolate is beneficial for people suffering from obesity. Apart from this, it also proves helpful in protecting the body from chronic diseases.

6. Low Fat Milk Coffee

According to Arthur in The Sports Nutrition Playbook, if you drink coffee repeatedly during the day, it causes your body to store calories. In this case, instead of using whipped cream or any other cream, use low fat milk to make milk coffee. This will not only improve the taste of coffee but also provide nutrients.

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