5 tips for expecting mothers to stay active

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During pregnancy, many types of changes are seen in a woman’s body. Every woman’s experience is different from the experiences of other women. Actually, when we go through different types of lifestyles, the changes that happen in our bodies are not similar to each other. Apart from this, the changes in the weather also affect our health in many ways. If you want to keep yourself healthy, then apart from eating and drinking, it is very important to include the right lifestyle and exercise (pregnancy exercises at home) in your routine.

Most women are very cautious about their fitness during pregnancy. However, not every yoga and exercise is suitable for pregnant women. In such a situation, both mother and child should be taken care of according to the measures suggested by the doctor. Know from fitter, fitness expert and advance plus coach Priyanka Jhunjhunwala what things she advises women going through pregnancy to adopt.

Know, those exercises which can prove beneficial for pregnant women.

1. Swimming

According to experts, swimming during pregnancy is an easy and best option to keep yourself fit. By doing this, there is no pressure on the child or the mother. Apart from this, no pressure is felt on the joints or back. Choose breaststroke while swimming. This is a swimming style in which all the weight rests on the swimmer’s chest and he moves his legs like a frog. While doing this, your body remains straight. Pregnant women need to be careful while doing this.

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Swimming boosts our mental health. Image: shutterstock

2. Brisk Walking

Walking is very important during pregnancy. This gives many benefits to our body. Fitness expert Priyanka Jhunjhunwala says that walking is a low-impact exercise in itself, which expecting mothers can do anytime, anywhere. Be it park, lawn or balcony. Brisk walking reduces the discomforts during pregnancy. The best time to do this is before sunrise and before sunset. By walking twice a day, the body feels active all the time and the problem of fatigue is reduced.

3. Yogasanas

Practicing yoga for pregnant women provides them with many benefits. Selected asanas like Bhadrasana (Butterfly Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Marjariyasana (also known as Cat Pose) are part of prenatal yoga. Experts say that these yoga poses are completely safe for pregnant women. Along with this, they also have many physical benefits.

Fitness expert Priyanka Jhunjhunwala says that breathing exercises are beneficial for both mother and child. This increases flexibility in the body, which proves to be extremely beneficial for the pelvic area. Practicing yoga asanas prescribed to women during pregnancy can be beneficial.

Exercise can be beneficial for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. , Image shutterstock.

4. Weight Training

Weight training requires a variety of objects, including dumbbells and machines. It is very important to take your doctor’s advice before starting it during pregnancy. However, it is not comfortable for the body to do it many times in the second and third trimester as compared to the first trimester.

5. Stationary Biking

Stationary biking means stationary cycling. By doing this, pregnant women can easily exercise. There is no danger of losing balance in this. Expert Priyanka Jhunjhunwala says that by doing this, women get a lot of benefits during pregnancy and they can remain active throughout the day.

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