5 pre makeup tips for summer season

Most women’s makeup gets spoiled due to sweating in summer. In such a situation, women feel that there is a defect in their makeup product or they have not applied makeup properly. However, all these reasons are secondary. It is more important to pay attention to whether you have prepared your skin completely for it before applying makeup or not. It is very important to follow some special pre makeup tips for flawless and glowing makeup.

Sometimes our makeup looks very embossed, and sometimes it makes the skin dull instead of making it glowing. So let’s learn today with health shots how to prepare your skin for makeup. Failure to do so has a negative effect of makeup products on the skin. So let’s know about some effective pre makeup tips.

apni skin ko achche se saaf karein
Wash your face twice a day. Image: shutterstock

Here are some important pre makeup tips that will come in handy this summer

1. Cleaning process is important

If you are preparing the skin for makeup, then first of all clean it thoroughly. Dust usually accumulates on the skin. In such a situation, applying makeup on the skin without cleansing can promote skin problems. Therefore, with light hands, apply face wash by moving the fingers in circular motion.

If you wear makeup once a week or after a long time, do not forget to exfoliate the skin. With exfoliation, your dead skin cells come out and the texture and complexion of the skin looks very smooth.

2. Start With an Oil Free Light Moisturizer

If you are preparing the skin for makeup, apply moisturizer after cleansing the skin. Oil free water based light moisturizer should usually be applied in summer. In the summer season, the skin becomes more oily and some people also sweat a lot. In such a situation, if the oil is using the best moisturizer, then the makeup does not set completely.

Oil-free moisturizer helps your makeup set and skin look flawless. Especially during the day time in the summer season, you should use oil free moisturizer only. If your skin is more dry, you can use an oil-based moisturizer at night, but apply a light moisturizer during the day.

Why don't you save sunscreen from sun?
Sunscreen protects against harmful sun rays, image shutterstock

3. Don’t forget to apply sun protection

After giving your skin enough hydration, do not forget to apply sunscreen to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are going to go out wearing makeup, then definitely apply sunscreen inside the makeup. By doing this there is no problem of sunburn, tanning etc.

Apart from this, its use creates a protective layer on the skin, which does not cause problems like acne pimples on the skin. If you stay outside for a long time or are exposed to the sun in any way, there are many sunscreens available these days that you can apply over makeup. So don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

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4. Primer plays an important role

Primer plays an important role in makeup. After applying moisturizer and sunscreen, apply primer. This prevents makeup from entering the pores. If makeup accumulates inside the pores, then due to this the risk of acne and breakouts increases.

Also, the primer provides a smooth texture to the skin. On which make-up sits well and remains for a long time. If you want a natural look, then apply primer before makeup. Especially in summer, there is a lot of dust pollution, apart from this, sweating is normal, in this situation, use a primer to maintain the makeup.

Monochronic make up tips
Do not use hands to apply makeup. Image: AdobeStock

5. Apply as little makeup as possible in summer

If you want to keep your makeup flawless and want it to stay on the skin for a long time, then for this you have to limit the use of makeup products. Use as little product as possible.

Instead of building up a layer of foundation, apply only where needed. Do the same with the concealer, apart from this, try to keep the eye makeup absolutely light. All these tricks will help in maintaining your makeup for a long time.

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