5 hair loss causing foods.- These 5 foods can cause hair loss.

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Healthy and shiny hair work to add beauty to our beauty. Same if your hair is weak, lifeless and dry, then it can also spoil your overall personality. That’s why it is important to take care of hair health along with skin health. It is necessary to follow hair care routine as much as possible for our hair health. It is equally important to have a proper diet. If your diet includes all the essential nutrients, then your hair health will be better. At the same time, there are some foods in our daily diet, whose consumption can also cause your hair health to deteriorate. Come, through this article of Health Shots, learn about those foods, the consumption of which can also cause your hair problems.

These 5 foods can make your hair health weak

1. Certain Dairy Products

We have heard since childhood that dairy products are necessary for the strength of bones and hair. Dairy products also contain fat to some extent, which can increase the testosterone level in our body. According to experts, due to increase in testosterone level in the body, rapid hair fall can start. Also, if you are already suffering from the problem of eczema, psoriasis or dandruff, then definitely consult a specialist for its use.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, you should consume no more than 3 servings of dairy products per day. It may include milk, curd, buttermilk.

This can lead to poor hair health along with making your body weak. Image: shutterstock

2. Consumption of alcohol

If you also consider binge drinking as a total trend, or often consume alcohol. So it can also become the reason for your hair fall. It can weaken your body and cause hair health to deteriorate. Alcohol is a dehydrating agent, which can make your hair extremely dry if consumed regularly. Its use can increase hair problems by drying the scalp. That’s why stay away from the consumption of alcohol.

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3. Raw Egg White

Beauty experts believe that when egg whites are consumed raw, it can lead to biotin deficiency in the body. In addition to biotin, a substance called avidin has also been found in raw egg whites, which degrades biotin in the intestines.

Eggs have been considered a better source of protein and biotin, which help in hair growth. Both these elements are considered essential for hair health. At the same time, biotin deficiency can cause hair loss.

4. Fried Food and Red Meat

An older 2010 study by the National Institutes of Health suggests avoiding fried foods and red meat for hair health.

This research said that these foods can negatively affect our hair health, as they cause sebum and oil glands to become more active. Which can increase hair fall by spoiling our hormonal balance.

fish is rich in protein
Fish is rich in protein. Image shutterstock.

5. Fish with high mercury

Along with having protein in fish, it also contains omega-3, which helps in promoting hair growth. But in some special fish, the amount of mercury is found more. Its consumption can prove to be harmful for your hair health and can also cause hair loss.

According to research from PubMed Central, two women consumed fish with high levels of mercury for some time. Due to which his hair fall became faster. After reducing their intake, hair fall has reduced considerably. According to research, mercury reacts with other minerals in the body, especially with zinc. That’s why zinc deficiency is seen in the body by consuming mercury. The same zinc is considered an essential element for hair growth. Whose deficiency can cause hair fall and hair related problems.

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