4 health benefits of Janu Shirsha San

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The effect of our daily routine starts showing on our body. Due to lack of proper routine, our immune system starts getting weak and the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases. Apart from this, lethargy and laziness surround us throughout the day. To protect ourselves from the effects of external infection, we use many types of home remedies and medicines. But in spite of this, due to not doing proper diet and yoga, our body starts getting weak. Know, such a yoga, which makes our immune system strong ((Yoga pose for immunity)).

On the other hand, by regular practice of yoga, we can revive our physical potential. This keeps the body disease free. By doing this yoga, known as Mahamudra, the pain of sciatica goes away. This stretches the muscles of the body, which drives away the stiffness in the organs.

Let us know how the regular practice of Janushirshasan (Head to knee forward bend) benefits our body.

1. Strengthen the Immune System

Yoga practice makes our body internally active. By doing this, blood flow starts increasing in the body. Also, proper practice of deep breathing and exhalation also works to increase your immunity. Regular practice of this yogasana close to nature does not cause fatigue in the body. If you are falling prey to frequent infections, then repeat this easy yoga asana in two sets. This strengthens the respiratory system.

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2. Flexibility

Janu Shirshasan is kept in the category of an easy yoga. By doing this yoga done in Ashtanga yoga style, pressure is created on the neck, shoulders, navel, lungs and knees. By doing this, flexibility starts increasing in the body and the body becomes strong.

3. Make the digestive system strong

By doing this yoga, all the internal and external organs become active. Our digestive system becomes strong. The body gets rid of many types of pain. The body starts feeling hungry regularly. By doing this, the internal organs of the stomach become active.

4. Relieve Stress

By doing this daily one starts experiencing deep peace in the mind. In this, the blood circulation in the head starts increasing by resting the head on the knee. This makes our mind free from stress and anxiety. Apart from this, the problem of forgetting and overthinking also goes away.

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Yoga poses relieve stress. Image: Shutterstock

Practicing method of doing Janushirshasana

To increase immunity, do Janu Shirasana daily

To do this, keep both the legs straight in front.

Now slowly bend your left leg from the knee and touch the left thigh. At the same time, straighten the right leg.

Keep in mind that the knee should be straight. During this, try to sit straight and straighten the waist as well. After this, lean forward.

Hold the paw of the right foot with both the hands. Also try to touch the knee with the forehead.

After this, do this process with the right leg as well. By doing this asana alternately with both the legs, flexibility starts growing in your body.

Stay in this mudra from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

take care of these things

If your body is suffering from slip disc, sciatica and hernia, then this yoga should be avoided. Such people can make backward bending asanas a part of the routine.

Avoid doing this yoga for some time after abdominal, knee or neck surgery. Due to this, there is a danger of stretching the muscles present in the body.

Do not do this type of yoga during pregnancy. This puts pressure on the abdominal muscles and pelvis. Which can prove harmful to the health of the baby during pregnancy.

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