4 Breathing exercise helps you to get rid of belly fat

Sitting and working for long hours without moving and eating something or the other is a common reason for the increase of belly fat. Fats stored on the stomach keep increasing gradually and due to this one has to suffer from problems like pain in the knees, cramps in the waist and shortness of breath while climbing stairs. If you are also troubled by increasing weight, then keep yourself fit and slim by including these breathing exercises in your routine. Know, those 5 breathing exercises that will help you reduce your belly fat.Breathing exercise for belly fat,

Let’s know, that exercise, which will burn the fat stored on your stomach.

1. Abdominal Breathing

By doing this exercise, you can burn calories quickly. In this, you move the stomach inwards, due to which the fat stored on the stomach starts burning. You can do this yoga on your bed or near nature. By doing this, respiratory problems are also solved.

how to do this exercise

To do this yoga, place a pillow on the mat and sit on it by bending your knees.

Now close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale while counting to 10.

After this, count till 5 while exhaling. This will make you feel empty in the stomach.

Repeat this exercise after a break of 2 to 3 minutes and do it 8 to 10 times.

2. Mouth Breathing

This is a simple exercise. You can do this comfortably even sitting on a chair. To do this breathing exercise, breathe through your mouth. By doing this, there is pressure on the abdominal muscles, due to which the body feels refreshed. By doing this, you can reduce belly fat in less time. By doing this, the excess fat deposited on the chin and cheeks gets burnt.

how to do this exercise

You can do this yoga in any way by sitting or lying down.

To do this, open the mouth and then start breathing through the mouth. While breathing in count to 10.

3. Stretch the abdominal muscles (Muscle stretching by breathing)

This exercise is an easy way to reduce belly fat. Doing this daily strengthens the abdominal muscles. It is also used to increase the energy level in the body and prevent stress conditions. By doing this yoga 8 to 10 times, your body and mind feel relaxed.

how to do this exercise

You can do this yoga by lying on your back or you can also do it by sitting on a chair. To do this, straighten the spine and take a deep breath.

Keep your mind calm and forget all kinds of worries. Focus your attention on your breath.

Place your hand on the stomach and place the thumb on the navel. Now exhale. Do this process 4 to 5 times. This makes your body feel active.

4. Stomach Vacuum

With this breathing exercise, you fill the air in the lungs and take it out. In this process, you keep the stomach contracted inwards. This exercise works to burn the fat stored on your stomach.

how to do this exercise

To do this, sit on your knees on the mat. After that keep both hands on the ground and get up with the help of hands.

After coming in this posture, take a long breath and pull the stomach inwards. During this, do not fill the air in the stomach. Push the stomach inwards so much that it can touch the spine.

Remain in this position for 10 seconds. Now try to release your breath slowly. Repeat this process 8 to 10 times a day.

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