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30 minute cardio routine for weight loss| healthcareonline

It has been proven that short periods of high-impact exercise can It will help you burn more fat and tighten your body.

Sometimes it’s hard to take time for yourself and focus on maintaining a sports routine to stay in shape. However, even though we’ve talked about cardio at Bekia, you should know that. hold This is one of the most complete and efficient options in terms of time and calorie burn.And several studies have shown that moderate or high-impact exercise for shorter periods of time is more effective at reducing calories than exercising for several minutes per day.

Don’t forget that you can practice the following routine with friends. yours to find inspiration and even Do exercises to the rhythm of music with many rhythms. that comes with high concentration So that it will cost you less to do. So if what you are looking for is a sport that helps you define your own style. But by dedicating just a few minutes a day. Feel free to try any of the cardio routines we offer.

It is an ideal routine to define your career. It only takes a little time per day.It is an ideal routine to define your career. It only takes a little time per day.

The following 30-minute routine includes exercises that work every part of your body. And it will extraordinarily improve your physical strength and endurance ability.


This phase of exercise is necessary to warm up and prepare the body for the intensity of the exercise. This way, you reduce the possibility of injury. At the same time you start to increase your heart rate.

It is very important that you warm up well to avoid injury.It is very important that you warm up well to avoid injury.

Remember, it’s important to start small. Start moving with light jogging. Until you gradually increase the intensity as if you were running in place. Warm up in this way for 2 minutes, and when you start the third move, Run with your knees raised to your chest for 30 seconds.

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Regular exercise

Once you’ve warmed up It’s time to start with our proposed cardio workout, which consists of 2 rounds. The first focuses specifically on strength and endurance. While the second type focuses more on patience. Remember that you must Do the exercises we offer in succession and we recommend doing them quickly. Without stopping your movement to burn more calories while toning your body.

The ideal is that you practice the exercises without resting between them.The ideal is that you practice the exercises without resting between them.

First round

  • Stand with your legs spread wide and your feet apart. Lower your back to touch one foot with the other hand, then alternate. Practice for 30 seconds.
  • Beam Push-ups Lie face down for 30 seconds, supporting yourself with your feet and hands. Then rest for 15 seconds while keeping your hands planted. Then repeat for another 30 seconds.
  • Do Burpees for one minute. Rest for 20 seconds in between, starting with placing your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Then jump your feet back and immediately jump again to place your feet next to your hands. Then stand up, jump up and clap your hands in the air.
  • Stand and step to your right side while making a circle with your arms forward and then return to that point. Don’t stop making circles or moving. Do this for 30 seconds. As you regain your energy. After some time has passed Jog again with your knees to your chest for 30 seconds, then make circles with your arms again as you move from side to side. But this time it’s reversed.
  • We exercised the legs and buttocks again. To do this, move your knees and feet back and lift them up to your chest. When you’re done with one leg, Switch to the other leg. Do this for 30 seconds on each foot.
  • To complete this round, practice 1 minute of squats.
In the remaining minutes you should not stop violently either.In the remaining minutes you should not stop violently either.


It’s also important to get plenty of rest to do this cardio routine, but keep that in mind. You don’t need to stop exercising because it’s flat.. Now you can enjoy the minutes of rest that you would have otherwise spent on light jogging in the same place.

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Second round

They are smaller sessions that are shorter in terms of the number of exercises. But it is more intense because it requires two precise practices.

  • With your feet close together Jump from side to side and while jumping, do squats. Repeat the exercise for 20 seconds.
  • Stand with your arms raised. At the same time, you lower your right hand. Lift your left knee to touch your left foot. Then push your right foot out and jump slightly. Repeat alternating your legs for 45 seconds.
  • Make a call Alternate front and side scissors.Open your legs and jump with your arms moving from your legs to the sides first. Then move forward and do this for 45 seconds.
  • Leave your legs behind as you lift your head and arms forward. By doing it diagonally with the body. Repeat the movement with the other leg and alternately stretch for 60 seconds.
  • Take two steps to the side and when you’re done. Arch your back to the side. Pretend to pick up an object from the floor after Repeat moving to the other side. and practice this position for 45 seconds.
  • Pretend jumping rope by imitating the movement of rotating the rope with your arms and holding for 1 minute. Don’t go fast, but don’t slow either.
Just like when you started. It's important that you complete the stretch.Just like when you started. It’s important that you complete the stretch.


It is very important to take it slowly. Return to calm so that your heart rate can get used to stopping activity. To do this Jog again like you warmed up for about 90 seconds, then stretch. Start with the lower body, stretching the feet and legs. Focusing on the calves and buttocks which are most affected.. Stretch your back and abdomen by pushing your chest out and then in. Stretch your arms, shoulders, and waist, and finally, stretch your neck to remove tension built up in your cervical spine. This process should take at least 5 minutes.

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